Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween in Phoenix

We are just having so much fun in Phoenix that there isn't much time to blog! 

Audrey's first Halloween was lots of fun! It was very different than if we had been at home that's for sure! Since my in-laws have a house in a retirement community there weren't any trick-or-treaters. We loved the fact that it was sunny and HOT outside-- a huge change from the snowy, foggy and cold weather they were experiencing at home. It really didn't feel like Halloween at all!

My sister-in-law and I dressed the girls up in the early evening for fun. It was both of their first Halloween so we couldn't just ignore the holiday! We saw that the house across the street was all decked out for Halloween with big blow up lawn decorations. We also saw a few costumed-ladies arrive at the house so figured they were having a party. Everyone loves babies-- so we went to the house, knocked on the door and crashed their party! We didn't know anyone there but the ladies just gushed over the cute babies! We even got some chocolate too!

It was fun to show off the girls and we especially loved those ladies when they questioned if my sister-in-law and I were old enough to have babies! They jokingly accused us of lying about our ages! Yes-- you are right... I am only 18!! :)

Some pictures of the Ballerina Princess and Owl-

Little Ballerina Princess

Again with the camera?

Ok a small smile!

Mmmm tasty tulle!

This feels soooo cool!

Love the fullness of her tutu!

Playing with toys is the only way to
keep her still long enough to get her
picture taken

Busy little girl

Going to check out the little Owl

Eeekk! Let me climb up and touch you!

Trying to touch the Owl

Trying to get 2 babies to look at the camera=
Squealing with glee!


Finally the Ballerina Princess is smiling at the camera!

The only thing missing this Halloween was Daddy! I know he was very sad to miss his little Ballerina Princess' first Halloween.

We miss you Daddy!!!


  1. Love the pictures of Audrey! She is such a cutie in her costume :)

  2. So cute!!! Glad you are having a good time!!


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