Tuesday, November 27, 2012

~This & That~

We are finally back into a groove after our trip. I love routine so I am pretty happy to have some consistency back in my life!

Unfortunately, my book club was cancelled on Friday due to the hostess's husband having the flu. Thanks-- I'll pass on those germs!

We have finally jumped on the meal planning bandwagon! I've been talking about it for months (years!) and just decided to go for it last week. It was nice to know exactly what we were going to eat each night and grocery shop with that in mind. It's also a great way for hubby and I to sit down each week to  go through recipe books/Pinterest and decide what to make.

I've even made a couple meals myself! I made a thai green curry and a jambalaya. Both were relatively easy. I just followed the recipe on the green curry paste package and made the jambalaya from Crazy Plates (pg 169) so no links to share. I've decided that I like to make meals that are all in one dish. That way I only have to focus on one thing!

Tonight we are trying the Crockpot Honey Garlic Chicken that Alison recommended! I hope mine turns out as yummy as it looks in the picture.

I have been doing lots of Christmas shopping! On Sunday, I went with my mom, sis and aunt. I bought a few things. While it was nice to shop without the baby, I really missed having the stroller to put all my purchases in! Next time I am bringing the stroller anyway!

Yesterday, I felt like I was on a roll so I ventured out to the mall again. Audrey was good for the first 1.5 hours and then she reached her limit. We need to work on this girl's shopping stamina! Thankfully she went to sleep so I was able to get a few more gifts before we headed home.

I'd say I'm about 50% done my shopping. Oy!

Now I'm working on Christmas baking! I have to make sure I don't eat them all though Downside to having all these goodies in the house... I'm pretty sure I gained a few pounds while in Phoenix and with Christmas around the corner I don't want to gain anymore. We have implemented a "no snacking" rule past 9pm at our house to cut out late night snacking. Neither of us need it.

Christmas decorating? So far we have a fresh wreath on the front door. Apparently hubby didn't think our fake one was good enough this year. :)

Fresh wreath

We also put fresh boughs in our flower pots in front of the garage. They look so pretty! I hope they last since it gets quite windy out front and they aren't protected at all.

I'm struggling with when to decorate the house since Audrey is in to everything these days and I'm already struggling to keep her from eating dirt (that plant has since moved to hubby's office downtown!) and cat food, climbing stairs, pulling the cat's tail and chewing on shoes!

The love is very much one-sided!

Tossing the laundry every which way.
Yes, that's a sock in her mouth...

I think we might put the Christmas tree in our upstairs office/bonus room so we can close the door. It's not the best space for it but it's probably the safest spot!

What do you do to keep your babies from touching the tree? 

And now for an iPhone photo dump!

*Alison wanted to see my new brown boots that I got in the U.S.

Brown boots: Rack Room Shoes
Purple Skinnies: Old Navy
Cream shirt: Joe (old)
Scarf: gift from Turkey

Best running buddy all bundled up to run 10K!
Milo loves to lay in our clean clothes!
I turn around for 1 second... and he's on the folded clothes!
Happy girl!
(and my recently done hair)
Hummus and pita mess!

Best expression ever!

I'm loving Instagram and Picfx if you couldn't tell!


  1. I love a routine too! Love your boots and your purple jeans. You are looking great! :)

  2. Skinny mini!!! Love your boots and jeans!! Great colors!! Love. How was dinner? Great wreath. I need some fresh bows of tree.


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