Monday, December 17, 2012

~Christmas: Parties & Baking and Running~

Another whirlwind December weekend has passed. Much too fast for my liking.

On Friday night, hubby and I went for dinner and a movie. I remembered that it wasn't actually our first date since Audrey-- we went for dinner alone while in Phoenix. First movie post Audrey though!

We watched Life of Pi in 3D and it was AMAZING! Add it to your Must See list!

Saturday we spent the day baking, crafting, meal planning and grocery shopping. Still have to decorate our cookies from last weekend though! Ran out of time!

One tray of Toffee Balls
(Cookie baller makes way neater balls!)

The theme of Saturday's Christmas party was All Dressed in Red. I don't wear a lot of red so I accessorized with it instead.

Red lips, nails and hair band.
Of course Audrey wore her red Christmas dress.
Her and Daddy accessorized with antlers!

"What's this on my head?"

"Hey, Daddy has some too!" 
And they all fall down...
Trying to get them off Mommy's head

 Sunday we "road tripped" downtown for our 14K long run. I haven't done a long run outside in awhile. It was a nice change of scenery and I was glad to not be on the treadmill. Audrey was a trooper and behaved for Daddy the entire run.

Bundled up
Post-run cuddles

Afterwards we went for a well-earned Brunch with the rest of the running gang.

Running babies!

When we got home I napped and then we all got ready for another Christmas Party. Grandma and Grandpa showed Audrey off to all their friends while we enjoyed some delicious food and great company.

My to-do list this week is a little insane with getting ready for Christmas, and Audrey's Baptism this weekend.


  1. I tried reading that book many years ago but couldn't get into the beginning. Maybe I'll watch the movie instead...someday. Those toffee balls look good and similar to what my mom was going to make but couldn't find the McIbtosh toffee bars. What's in yours?

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! What a trooper for A is for going 14km with you guys. If I was here, I'd pass right out and be happy as a clam :)

  3. Mmmm those treats look tasty! You look so pretty with the red lips and curls!! Sounds like fun. I want to see that movie too!


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