Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Photo-A-Day Update

Continuing from last week's Photo-a-Day Challenge post...

5. Today's Temperature

It wasn't too cold that day!

6. Shopping

Online shopping!

7. Bright

It was sunny and bright on our walk

8. Ornament

My pretty new ornament from Danielle

9. Something you are reading

Apparently I haven't read my Kobo lately...

From my bedside table

10. Wrapping paper

Waiting to be used

11. Green

Green clothes pins for a project I am working on

I'm enjoying this Challenge since it makes me think about taking a creative picture each day. I will say that since I got my iPhone my dSLR hasn't been used much! Oops!


  1. That photo of A is sooooo cute!!! Love that grin. Lulu!! What did you buy?? :)

  2. Hi Nicole,

    Just found your blog :) Your daughter is so cute and I admire all your running accomplishments.

    I just started blogging too and also attemped the photo of the day challenge expect mine lasted 2 days.

    Hope you have a wonderful 1st Christmas with your little family of 3!

  3. I have the iphone and a DSLR and would take the DSLR any day. Much better for pictures and I use it almost exclusively for the blog except for race photos where I carry a small automatic.


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