Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Santa Shuffle 5K Race Report

I signed up for this race a couple months ago for a couple of reasons.

1) It had an amazing participant medal which is pretty unheard of around here for 5K
2) Early registration was $25-- can't beat that!
3) I've been wanting to run a sub 30 minute 5K pretty much ever since I started running

I had a 5K training plan that I found in an old issue of Runner's World. I didn't really follow it that closely. I focused on running as close to a 6:00minute/km pace while I was in Phoenix and during my tempo runs at home when the conditions weren't too treacherous.

About a week before the race I felt my dream of running a sub 30 minute 5K fleeting away as the snow kept coming down and the temperatures stayed below zero. As much as I wanted a PR, I did not want an injury.

I loved that this race started at 10am. No super early wake ups for me!

Hubby and Audrey came down to watch us race. There was a big crew of us from CHRR so it was a good race to spectate.

Before the race

Penny's picture is better!

Just as I was heading out to the start line Leigh found me. We didn't wait long for the race to begin and Penny, Leigh and I were off (along with a bunch of other people!)

First corner
Penny in pink,
Me in grey with hood &
Leigh in black

We dodged a lot of people at the beginning of the race. The pathways were cleaned but still snow covered as you can see in the above picture. It was chilly to start but I warmed up fairly quickly. I kept expecting Leigh to tear off at her usual pace but she stuck by my side the entire time! Penny went ahead for a few minutes but then came back to stick with us.

I occasionally glanced at my watch and saw that we were doing a decent pace. I didn't want to get my hopes up, especially when I was feeling super tired at 3.5K. I really wanted to walk but then I never would have been able to catch up to Penny & Leigh so I sucked it up and just ran.

At one point my phone rang during the race. I never carry my phone but I'm a bit attached to my iPhone now so I brought it along. Leigh also commented on my jingling change in my pocket! Coffee money!

When we crossed over the 2nd last bridge my watch said 27:xx. A sub 30 5K was in sight!
As we crossed the last bridge and I could make out the finish line I said "Let's go!" It was probably a whisper. Penny became excited and took off with Leigh and I not far behind.

I could see and hear Hubby & Audrey cheering at the finish and I ran as fast as I possibly could.

My watch said 29:25!!! Holy crap I did it! Sub 30 minutes!!! A PR!!!

Then Penny pointed out that our distance was 4.84K. Effffffff!

Whatever! On that course, in those conditions, I'm calling it a sub 30 minute 5K!

Thanks to Leigh and Penny for keeping me going! I had so much fun running with you two!

Leigh and I

Mel, me, Penny and Leigh

Photo op with some Stampeders

CHRR runners

We hurried inside to get hot chocolate and food. I am super impressed with what we received-- Subway sandwiches, bottled water, hot chocolate and coffee, amazing medals and Lindt chocolate Advent calendars! My favourite things!!

Medal and chocolate

We took some pictures in front of the tree.

Half marathoners with our 5K medals!
This was Hubby trying to include me in
 the group photo while feeding Audrey.

 The many expressions of Audrey

Overall it was a great race despite the bad weather and short course. I will definitely do this race again. The only downside is that it isn't a chipped race but really I'll take a nice medal over time chipped any day!


  1. Haha it was funny how I all of the sudden noticed that you were jingling with your change :) It was fun to run with you and Penny, so thank you for letting me join you guys!

  2. Nice job!! I would definitely call that a pr!!

  3. Awesome work!!! Looks like a fun run despite the cold!!

  4. My garmin clocked in at around the same distance BUT I think it was still 5k. It was so overcast and my garmin is often significantly off in those kind of conditions...I once ran what my garmin called 27k, but what adding up my distances clocked by my 2 different partners that day came to 28k!


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