Thursday, December 20, 2012

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Sadly my 6 hills were not done on the hill last night :( They were done on the treadmill, sort of. Hubby didn't get home in time for me to leave and there are laws against leaving almost 10 month olds home alone.

Last training session I didn't get many long runs in and this training session I don't seem to be getting my hill workouts in! Thankfully both upcoming halfs are flat!

2. Tonight we are finally decorating those sugar and gingerbread cookies we made 2 weekends ago! Nothing like leaving it to the last minute!!! Maybe Santa can help me out with that! Pretty please!

My to-do list is still a million miles long. I'm seriously wondering when everything is going to get done.  I've made progress in the wrapping gifts department so that's a half check mark right there.

3. My Advent calendar brings so much joy to my day! It's so exciting to get a piece of chocolate every day. Some days I forget so the next day I get 2 pieces, or I share with Hubby if I feel generous!! I'm doing a chocolate Advent calendar every year from now on!


I found this random photo... I think maybe it was from when Hubby was setting up my phone since obviously I didn't take the picture...
It pretty much sums up nap time at our house-- cat sleeping on the couch, me on the computer furiously trying to do stuff in a small amount of time and baby monitor beside me.

Type faster!

Ok-- off to tackle that never ending to-do list!


  1. How did you convince Milo to not sleep on the keyboard? My cats seriously need a lesson on that.

  2. Ugh, don't treadmill hills suck? Good for you for doing them anyway, I've had to do that lots when Hubs doesn't get home when he thought he would...

  3. Is it bad that I've barely had any of the my advent calendar? I keep forgetting each day!

  4. Why didn't I buy myself an advent calendar!!? Good idea!


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