Thursday, January 3, 2013

~Audrey's Baptism~

Audrey's baptism was held on December 23rd.

Yes, 2 days before Christmas. 
Yes, I am crazy.

Due to baptism class scheduling conflicts, family availability and most importantly, baptism dates, this was the only time we could do it without having to wait another 3 months. So I had 2 weeks to plan it. Not that big of a deal, except it was during the holidays when there are a million other things going on. What's another party?

Next child will be baptized when less than 6 months old and not during the holidays. Lesson learned!

It was a blistering cold day! Mass started at 11:30am which usually coincides with Audrey's nap time. We tried to put her down earlier but she wasn't interested. We had to wake her after sleeping for 30 minutes which is never a good idea. 

We changed her into her gown once we arrived at the Church; partially because we were running late and also since I didn't want to get the gown all wrinkled after being bunched up in the car seat. 

After a nice Mass, the baptism of seven babies began. The Priest was very engaging and made the event special. Audrey was well behaved and taking everything in like the curious little girl she is. 

Waiting for the baptism to start

Listening to the Priest

Being blessed

The anointing- she was more interested in the little boy behind her.
The baptismal font (more like a pool!) was outside the sanctuary. It was very cold out there since we were right by the outside doors.

Waiting our turn

She was a little suspicious...

She held on tight to Daddy!

Don't let go Daddy!

Wiping her off
No crying though!
Then we went back into the sanctuary for the candle and white garment ceremony.

Baptismal candle

Reaching for the candle!

Once the formal baptism was over we took a few more pictures. 

With Audrey's godparents- Auntie K and Uncle W

Smiling for the camera

Such a ham!

Following the baptism, everyone headed back to our place for a late lunch. I proceeded to take zero pictures of the party:( 

Audrey did however get to practice for Christmas by opening a few gifts-- 

Oh a box!
That's a pretty rosary!
I really like the box though

I spy a pretty bow and sparkly paper!

Finally catching on after a few gifts
I'll taste the bow while Daddy helps open the gift
Let me try!
No way! I rip this paper and a book appears!

Later, I took some pictures of her in the gown. I actually had to exchange the original 9 month size dress I bought for 6 months! Tiny girl! Also the shoes lasted about 5 seconds in the church but managed to stay on for this little photo shoot.

Happy Baptism Audrey! So glad we could have friends and family help us celebrate this special day. 


  1. What a special day for her! She looks beautiful in her long white dress!

  2. Love the picture of her smiling for the camera...such a cutie! Glad that her special day went well :)

  3. Beautiful pictures Nicole! She has such an adorable, toothy smile.

  4. Audrey looks adorable! Where did you end up finding a dress?


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