Tuesday, February 26, 2013

~Audrey: 12 Months~

11 months
10 months

Happy 1st Birthday Audrey!!

Sleep: Still waking up one or two times a night. Hopefully she will start sleeping through the night ASAP! Generally she goes down around 8pm, wakes up anywhere from 12-5am for a feeding or two and then wakes up for the day between 7-9am. This will all change once I go back to work since she will be at the day home by 8am.

Audrey has transitioned to one nap a day for the most part. It's usually a fairly long nap- 1.5 to 3 hours.

Eating: Still in the picky phase. She loves bread but I don't like to give it to her more than once a day. Sometimes she will eat without hesitation and other times she just shakes her head no to everything we put in front of her. It can be quite frustrating and wasteful! I'm hoping this phase ends soon.

She is still nursing 3 times a day. We have tried giving her homo milk in her sippy couple a few times but she's not really a fan.

Teething: I discovered her two top first year molars a few weeks ago! I could tell she was teething from her red cheeks, chewing on everything and extra fussiness but I couldn't see any teeth coming in. She put my finger in her mouth one day and I felt them! She is now up to 10 teeth. I also think her bottom canines are coming in as I could feel one of them under the gum line.

Crawling/Standing/Walking: Still a crawling machine! She has no interest in walking. She refuses to walk when assisted by us but will walk all around the coffee table, couches, chairs, bar stools, etc. She stands for up to 10 seconds by herself.

Eyes: Still blue/grey/hazel. It depends on the light as to what colour her eyes look like. They are such a unique colour.

Playing: Audrey loves her Little People farm and house that she inherited from her cousins. The Tupperware drawer is still her favourite. She has also discovered mommy's hair appliance drawer in the bathroom. She always goes into her laundry hamper and pulls out socks and wash cloths to carry around! I give her clean ones instead but it's so funny that she knocks over the laundry to get them.

Talking: She says mum mum, dada, hi and 'dat' for cat. She babbles lots although most of it isn't understandable. She says 'nananana' for food.

Sign Language: 'More' and 'milk' are her favourite signs. She occasionally signs 'eat' and 'water'. She will also sign 'book' and 'bath' when prompted.

Weight/Clothing: She weighs 18.58 lbs, 15th percentile and is 28.74 inches long, 50th percentile. I'm actually surprised that she doesn't weigh a little bit more. She's not even 2 pounds heavier than she was at 9 months. The doctor says she is following her growth curve so nothing to worry about. Also the length measurement is very inaccurate so I suspect she is closer to 30 inches. I might try to measure her myself.
She still fits into most 6-12m clothes, although the pants are getting short on her depending on the brand. She has small feet though- still wears size 3 or 4 and 6-12m Robeez.

Personality: Oh she's a feisty little one! I can see the tantrums are going to start early. When she wants something she wants it now! She doesn't like things being taken away from her (like my iPhone) and of course she would rather play with everything except her toys. Thankfully signing helps with communication a bit but even if she signs 'more' there are just some things she can't have!

Current Favourite Things: Milo, iPhone, wash cloths, socks, 'helping' with laundry, shoes and emptying the bookshelf

Dislikes: Being told 'no', and having her face and hands washed.

Miscellaneous: I'm savouring these last few days before I go back to work :( It's going to be so hard to leave her during the day but I know she is going to have a blast at the day home. She loves other kids so much.

Her 1st birthday party was a smashing success! She had such a great time and loved the cake, guests, and presents. I'm glad it's over though!


  1. When did you start signing with Audrey? I am just starting to sign to Liam.

  2. Yeah, Max hasn't gained much weight since 10 months either - but it is normal! His girlfriend C is the same weight as Max and she is 2 years old.

    Walking will happen eventually - Max was 13 months when he started and he was all refusing to walk with us before that. Now he is a walking machine!

  3. Zoey only JUST started walking... It's so fun to see her teetering about. Enjoy your last bit of Mat leave!! It's bittersweet to go back to work. More just bitter.

  4. Ok I just have to say....my 10 week nephew weighs the same as Audrey!!!! OMG. He is huge!! I love that she signs!!


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