Wednesday, February 27, 2013

~ Recent Eats~

Since we have been meal planning like crazy around here, I thought I would share some of our top recipe finds.

Spaghetti Squash with Bacon, Garlic and Parmesan

I looked all over Pinterest for recipes to use up the last half of the spaghetti squash I had bought for a meal the previous week. I found this one and was so happy that I didn't even have to purchase anything else for the rest of the meal since we already had everything on hand. It's super easy to make and tastes so good. Will definitely be making this again!

Cabbage Roll Casserole

Again we had half a cabbage leftover from the previous week (made coleslaw) and this looked like a great recipe to use up the other half. We used ground pork instead of ground beef since that's what we had. It turned out pretty well. It took 2 hours to bake instead of the 1.5 hours the recipe says. It made a huge dish so we had lots for leftovers and freezing for future meals. I'm not sure I would make it anytime soon but definitely if I needed to use up some leftover cabbage.

Lemon Crinkle Cookies

My hubby likes anything lemon so when I saw these on Pinterest I knew I had to try them. The first time I made them for book club I didn't have any lemons so couldn't include any lemon zest like the recipe asks for. Well turns out it's the zest that gives them the lemon flavour so I was a bit disappointed when hubby didn't fall over himself when he tried them. He said they were good but not lemon-y. They had more of an almond taste.

So this time I made them because I had a bunch of lemons in the fridge that I needed to use up so I made a double batch. I planned to eat a few and put the rest in the freezer for Audrey's birthday party. Well apparently cookies in the freezer still isn't a deterrent- I just go in and take a couple out and eat them! They are so good though and definitely had lots of lemon flavour this time with all the zest I put in them.

Slow Cooker Quinoa Chicken Chili

I saw this recipe on Lindsey's  blog and knew I had to try it. I'm always looking for something to cook in the crockpot! is this ever delicious and ridiculously easy!! I will be making this a lot in the next few months! The whole family loved it and this recipe makes plenty for leftovers which I don't mind eating a few meals in a row!

I'm always looking for new, easy recipes to try. Do you have any must-makes that you can share with me?


  1. These look delicious!! I just wish my hubby wasn't so picky!! Oh well! :) I love quinoa!

  2. You have to try the superfood salad from Iowa Girl Eats. The easiest and best dish I've made in a long time!

  3. Those lemon cookies look so good! When I lived in Lethbridge there was a farmer's market close by where I'd always buy lemon loaf. I think I bought it every time I went.

  4. Yum! Definitely going to be trying out the slowcooker recipe soon, it sounds amazing!

  5. Too funny I was going to comment how much I love that chili! It is my favorite!

  6. Oh my goodness, I will be making each of these items next week!!! My go to right now is honey mustard pork chops. Marinate dijon or spicy mustard and add honey (I estimate, no measurements). Bake at 400 for 30 minutes or so, SO delicious!


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