Friday, March 29, 2013

Audrey: 13 Months

12 months
11 months

Sleep: Bottom molars are really making sleep difficult these days. It seems Audrey makes 1 step forward and 2 steps back in the sleep department. Some nights she is waking up every 2 hours wanting to be comforted and/or nursed back to sleep and other nights she is only up once. This makes for a very exhausted working mama and not a very well rested baby either.

Naps have also been difficult now that Audrey is at the day home full time. Some days she will sleep for 1-3 hours and other days she won't sleep AT ALL! I'm sure part of it is teething related and just trying to get used to the new routine.

Eating: She seems to be back to loving most things however she likes variety. She might devour meat and potatoes one day but not the next.  She is loving frozen pomegranates, blueberries, peas, pretty much any meat, and bread is still her favourite. We are trying to reduce how much bread we give her because she seems to prefer that over everything else and we don't want her to start refusing other more nutritious food over bread.

She is still nursing 2-3 times a day/night (more if she is up 5490 times).

Teething: We are back in teething hell. Now it is her bottom molars that are coming through and making her oh-so-uncomfortable! She signs for medicine all the time and puts her hands up to her face to show that her mouth is sore. It's so heartbreaking, especially since we can't cuddle her during the day.

The camilia drops seem to be helping and when it gets really bad we give her tylenol. She becomes extra clingy, doesn't have much of an appetite and sometimes refuses to nurse even which really signals that she doesn't feel well.

Audrey now has 12 teeth.

Crawling/Standing/Walking: Audrey is slowly starting to walk. She will take 2-7 steps at a time and usually goes back to crawling. She is getting better at letting us hold her hands while she walks; before she used to absolutely refuse to do this and just rag doll. In no time she will be running around I'm sure.

Eyes: Grey/hazel. I think they are going to stay this colour.

Playing:She loves to hugs anything soft like a blanket or any of her stuffed animals. She is still enjoying her Little People toys and her activity table. The remotes and iPhones are still her favourite.

Talking: She is in the mimicking stage which means we really have to be careful what we say around her! Daddy taught her how to say "uh-oh" which was funny at first but now she likes to throw food and her sippy cup on the floor just so she can say "uh-oh!'" She loves to just babble when playing and eating. She definitely like to "talk."

Sign Language: Audrey has made lots of progress with signing this month. She has learned "medicine", "change", and she is much more consistent with "food" & "water." It's fun communicating with her this way and she gets very excited when you actually understand what she wants.

Weight/Clothing: She hasn't been weighed since last month so we aren't 100% sure of her measurements. She has an appointment next week so I will update then. I think she has grown length wise but she doesn't feel any heavier. She is mostly in 12-18 month clothes now. Still fits her 6-12m Robeez and size 3 shoes.

Personality: Strong willed!

Current Favourite Things: Remotes, iPhones, books, dropping food on the floor and saying "uh-oh."

Dislikes: Being told 'no', having her face and hands washed, having her diaper changed and apparently napping at the dayhome.

Miscellaneous: Going back to work has been challenging for our household. Everyone is learning a new routine, adjusting to earlier bed times, and waking up earlier. Of course, due to the lack of napping, Audrey is run down and now sick :( Poor little girl! Let's hope the next month goes smoother.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Thank goodness for 3 day weekends! I am so excited to celebrate Easter with Audrey this year. We are going to do a small Easter Egg Hunt for her which I hope she enjoys.


2. Is it just me or did March fly by? I can't believe I've been back to work for almost a month! We are one month closer to summer so I won't complain about that! Bring on the nice weather!

3. I haven't worked out at all this week. Part of me is happy because it has relieved some stress from trying to fit it all in but I also miss it incredibly. My goal this weekend is to get 2 workouts in and make a plan so that next week I can get back to the routine. Plus I will need to burn off all the candy and chocolate calories I will likely consume in the next few days!;)

Happy Easter!!

Milo found a new hiding place!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Run for L'Arche Half Marathon 2013: Race Report

Half marathon #7 is done!

To say that my training for this race was less than perfect would be an understatement. The week leading up to the race I only ended up doing 5K on the treadmill and a 20 minute Jillian Michael's workout. I know you are supposed to taper but that was probably a little bit on the light side.

Training aside, one of my biggest concerns was that a nasty winter storm would blow in and we would be trudging 21.1K in the snow. Luckily, the weather pulled through and we had a sunny, snow-free day. It was still a bit chilly at the start, -8C and a touch of wind but overall favourable conditions for a March half marathon.

The race started at 10am which allowed me to sleep in a bit. I headed downtown and met up with a few of my running friends that were also racing the half. The night before, we managed to convince our running instructor, Penny to sign up last minute for her 30th half marathon!

As I headed to the starting area, Leslie found me. It's always nice to run into people at races. Takes your mind off what you are about to do! Right before the race started, Leigh found me. We wished each other luck while she headed to the front of the pack and I headed to the back!

The mayor came out to start the race which was pretty neat! We did a countdown, he sounded the horn and we were off!

The four of us stuck together for the first little bit. We had all decided we were going to take it easy-  no real time goals other than to finish upright. Slowly, Penny and I started to pull away from the other two around 4K. We just kept a pretty steady pace. I barely even paid attention to my Garmin other than stopping for walk breaks. It was a nice and relaxing way to run. The sun was beating down on us and I took my gloves off which I haven't done for an outdoor run in a long time.

The race is on a popular pathway that runs along the Bow River. It is not a closed course so there are lots of other runners, cyclists and walkers that are not part of the race sharing the pathway. Around 5k, one of my co-workers ran past me while on a training run. I shouted out her name, we said 'hi' and carried on with our respective runs. Totally wasn't expecting to run into her!

Let me talk about the volunteers at this race- they were amazing! They were so cheerful and energetic despite how cold it must have been for them standing there. They had lots of great creative and funny signs that made you feel better instantly. They were high-five-ing everyone and just making a lot of noise. My absolute favourite was the group of male cheerleaders dressed in blue skirts, tights, shirts, wigs and waving pom-poms while doing high kicks and all sorts of cheerleader antics. I laughed so hard as I ran past them. I so wish I had taken a picture of these guys.

Penny's other half, Paul, surprised us around 7K. We weren't expecting him so it was nice to see a friendly face (and camera).

"Is that Paul in the distance?"
We were a bit happy to see Paul!

My IT band held up pretty well for most of this race; until around 14K it let it's presence be known. Ouch! I'm so glad I had Penny's company to keep my mind off the pain.

Proof that the weather held up? Penny took her coat off for the last half of the race.

We like to wave to our fans!
When we hit 16K we were so excited since we only had 5K to go. Does everyone else break down a half (or full) into shorter distances? It makes it so much easier to deal with mentally I find. I looked at my watch for probably the first time the entire race and it said 1:47. Not bad considering I wasn't pushing myself. We would definitely be finishing under 2:30.

The kilometers kept ticking by and whenever we passed a kilometer marker I was shocked at how far we had gone and how fast it seemed to go. Once or twice I checked my Garmin just to make sure they weren't off but every time they were right on. The last 3K were definitely tough. My IT band was just aching and my calves were started to tighten- probably from running differently to compensate for the knee pain. I had to take a short unscheduled walk break about 2K from the finish just to relieve some of the pain.

Finally the finish line was in sight!

Oh look- I'm waving again!

I finished in 2:22:21. 

My #1 Cheerleader!
She also likes the bling!
My legs were just in agony once I was done. I had to get hubby to massage my calves since they hurt so much. I really could have used a massage at the finish line! I limped for the next 2 days which is not normal for me.

Overall I am happy with how the race went and my time. The volunteers were great, the course is one of my favourite (fast and flat), the weather was as nice as we could have hoped for, a medal at the end and a hot pancake breakfast at the finish line!

Great race shirt!
Love my new medal!

I'm so honoured that I was asked to be a Community Ambassador for the Run for L'Arche. I enjoyed blogging weekly about my training progress and I'm glad that I was able to contribute to this great organization.

I will be signing up for this race again next year!

Monday, March 25, 2013

~What I did this weekend~

Another weekend gone by far too fast. Le sigh.

Friday was a pretty relaxed night with me preparing for my race the next day. I had a chiro adjustment after work to get me in tip-top shape. I went to bed pretty early since I was exhausted from the long week and I needed to catch up on sleep.

Saturday I actually slept in which felt amazing! I love races that start at 10am! I headed downtown for my half marathon which went pretty well (race recap to come). Hubby and Audrey met me at the finish line and we had a post-race pancake breakfast. Well-deserved!

Afterwards, we headed to Inglewood to shop for hubby's birthday present. I've mentioned many times before that hubby is the cook in our family. Last summer, for my sister-in-law's (hi L!) stagette we went on a food & wine tour in Inglewood. We checked out a lot of neat little shops and restaurants in this quaint part of town. One store in particular, Knifewear stuck out in my mind.

The shop owner gave us a brief rundown on the different knives and most importantly, let us try them out! My comment after effortlessly slicing a raw potato and tomato? "You might actually get me into the kitchen with one of these knives!" I never understood how important good knives are when cooking until I tried a good knife! What a difference!

That's a scary knife!

Chopping effortlessly

The detail on these knife is amazing!

After the stagette, I told hubby all about this store (and the other stores that we visited) and he was super excited. I knew a good knife would make an excellent gift! I told him awhile before his birthday that we could go down to the store together for him to pick out a knife since it is a fairly personal thing. Hubby is very particular about the "feel" of things in his big hands. Picking out silverware for our registry when we were getting married was quite the ordeal!

At the shop, hubby tried a bunch of different knives. He prefers a thicker handle for his big paws hands. He also liked the longer blades. I tried them as well and it's just amazing how much better they cut food.

He finally settled on one from the Masakage Yuki collection handmade from Shirogami carbon steel clad with stainless steel. It's pretty sweet! He was so excited to go home and cut some food.

I didn't feel too well (a little tired and sore from the race) so we headed home where Audrey and I attempted to nap for a bit. We met up with our running friends for Chinese food to celebrate our race.

Sunday I stayed at home with Audrey while hubby met the group to go running. He really needs to get back into it and I was definitely in no shape to be running! My IT band and calves were killing me all day Saturday and Sunday so I just needed to rest. Well, rest as much as a busy mom who has only one day to clean the house, do a million loads of laundry (I swear the washer ran!), and prep for the week.

Poor Audrey seems to have come down with a cold. She has a barky cough and a super runny nose. She just seems so uncomfortable. We snuggled a lot.

Playing some bball

So happy it's a short work week! Can't wait for Easter!

Friday, March 22, 2013

~Friday Outfits~

I am so glad this week is almost over. It had some challenges so I am looking forward to a fun weekend with my family and oh yah, a big race!

Since I am struggling with the return-to-work routine (as expected), I am trying to focus on the positive things that get me excited each day! I have been enjoying putting together new work outfits from my existing wardrobe, with a few new pieces added in. A lot of these items are old but since it's been 2 years since I have worn them they seem new to me!

To prove that I do wear pants to work occasionally:

 I forgot about these wedge heels! They are a nude/blush colour with a gold buckle. I just love them! So comfortable! Love finding lost treasures in the closet!

 My $10 dress from Target I bought back in the fall when I was in Phoenix (Oh, how I wish I was there right now!). It was too big in the top so I did some amateur hand-sewing and it fits! I would never wear it without a sweater so it doesn't matter that it isn't perfect. No one can tell! I love the ruffles and the colours.

Now Target, hurry up and open in my city ASAP!

 I adore lace and coral! The shirt is newer- from H&M but the pants and sweater are old. I also bought the necklace while Christmas shopping. I have a lot of luck finding nice, inexpensive jewellery at the Banana Republic outlet.
I did my hair a bit differently using Kate from The Small Things Blog's latest tutorial for Triple Topsy Tail Pony. It didn't turn out exactly like Kate's but I got a lot of compliments on it so I'll do it again. It's fairly easy and a nice change from the every day look.

 I'm not too sure about this outfit. The shirt is newer (Old Navy $7!)  and while I love the bright colour and print, the keyhole (you can't see it that well here) is a bit annoying. I wore a tank top underneath but it bugged me how it would stick out and I felt like I was adjusting my shirt all the time. Maybe next time I will wear it un-tucked with a belt.

Old but a favourite. This sweater from Banana Republic is so soft and such a vibrant colour.

As you can tell, I am getting lots of wear out of my new Nine West black and nude pumps.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Happy Birthday to my hubby!!

Can't believe it's been a whole year since this picture was taken!

2. Dear first year molars, please hurry up and come through. You are driving us all crazy! I want my happy baby back. The recliner glider has saved me yet another night this past year. It's still our #1 best nursery purchase hands down.

Audrey and I could be models for this chair!
Another long night
She wasn't a fan of the chair that day!
3. Dear weather, please cooperate for my race this weekend. I really don't want to brave 21.1K in the wind, snow and cold. It is spring after all!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Run for L'Arche: Training Recap #9 & Preparing for Race Day

Race Day is upon us! Only a few more days and we can put all our hard work to test!

My training was once again light this past week. It's not ideal and definitely not something that I am happy about but it is what it is.

Monday 11th: Rest
Tuesday 12th: 5K outside by myself! Yay daylight savings time!

Wednesday 13th: 4K on the treadmill
Thursday 14th: Rest. I had to pick my mom up from the airport at dinner time. Once I got home I had lots of packing to do to prepare for our weekend away so no time for a workout.
Friday 15th: Rest again as we headed to Fernie right after work and didn't arrive until 9pm.
Saturday 16th: Rest unless you count an hour of window shopping on Main Street in Fernie (I don't!).
Sunday 17th: I was supposed to do a 6K taper run but I didn't even manage to squeeze that in. I vacuumed the house from top to bottom so that must count for something?

Preparing for Race Day

At this point most of your training should be done. Now is not the time to add another long run or some speed workouts. The week of the race is about preparing your body to push it to it's limit so you want it to be rested and in tip top shape.

Here are some of the things that I do the week of the race to prepare myself. It's not an all-inclusive list and some things that work for me might not work for others.

1. I don't eat anything new or that could bother my tummy. Last thing you need before a race is GI issues.
2. Drink lots of water in the days leading up to the race.
3. Eat healthy and try to keep treats to a minimum
4. Set race goals (see below)
5. The day or two before the race I lay out my possible race outfit options. I usually make the decision the morning of depending on the weather since it can change so quickly in this city.
6. Pack my race bag the night before- include my Garmin, sunglasses, water bottles & belt, nutrition, shoes, change of clothes, race bib & safety pins or belt, directions to the race, and warm clothes for before the race if required. Make sure my Garmin (or other watch) and iPod are charged!
7. Get a good nights rest the 2 nights leading up to the race

My Race Goals

I've been thinking about my goals for this race and I think most importantly I need to make sure I have a good time and finish with a smile on my face. It's been a tough few weeks for training and with all the changes going on right now in my life it's best to just enjoy this race rather than pressure myself to a time goal. Running is my happy place!

Anything special you do to prepare the week of a race?
Do you always set race goals or race for fun occasionally?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hello Spring Link Up Party: Spring Bucket List & Spring Fashion

The lovely Alison is hosting the Hello Spring Link Up Party this week:

I'm a day late so here is a 2 for 1!

Since Spring doesn't seem to be around showing her face around here, I thought making this Bucket List of things to do once she does come around might make me feel better! Or not!

Spring Bucket List

Gardening (this will make my hubby happy!)
Major Spring Cleaning (including windows!)
Wash my car inside and out
Wear shoes without socks or nylons
Hang out in the backyard & have a fire pit party 
Go to the Farmer's Market
Go for a hike 
Train for more races
Organize my office/craft room
Work on photo gallery wall
Go to the Zoo

Today's link up is all about Spring fashion. I'm so ready to brighten up my wardrobe and wear something other than sweaters and boots. I know winter isn't over yet (is it ever?) but maybe some bright colours will make things better!

Spring Fashion

I am currently in love with anything bright, striped, lace, belted, and blinged. I can't wait to add some of these items to my wardrobe!

Ordered & in the mail!
I need this outfit!
Lace & stripes! 
Stripes and coral
So adorable!

So many options to brighten this dress up!
I could go on but I think it's best to stop here!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

~Fernie for the Weekend~

This past weekend was our annual trip to Fernie with a bunch of our friends.

Things were a bit different this year in that we rented 2 condo units instead of just using hubby's family condo as we figured everyone would be more comfortable with the extra space with having two babies on the trip.

Unfortunately the day before we were supposed to leave, my best friend, L came down with the epic flu of death so she wasn't able to make it. I was so sad since I was looking forward to spending time with her. We have barely seen each other this past year and we have so much to catch up on. Stupid flu bugs!

Sp normally this weekend entails a lot of partying, laughing, relaxing and some of us hitting the slopes. Add a couple of babes and that all changes! It was far more low key than it ever has been. No shot skis, drinking Jenga or late night hot tub poaching. It was still a fun time though.

We left town on Friday night after work. Audrey is cutting her bottom molars (they take forever!) so she was extra irritable and didn't nap all day at the day home. I thought she would pass right out in the car but alas she did not and was quite unhappy for most of the 4 hour drive. Not a good start to the weekend :(

However she fell asleep half an hour before we arrived and we were able to transfer her asleep right to her playpen so that was good. We spend the rest of the night chatting with our friends and getting settled into our home for the weekend.


We woke up on Saturday to rain- definitely not good skiing conditions. Everyone was took their time getting ready since there was really no rush to get on the hill. We had a delicious egg breakfast and a couple people headed to the hill while the rest of us relaxed at the condos. Soon it was nap time for Audrey so I put her down (she did not get the memo that on weekends we sleep in and woke up at 6am).

I had high hopes that I would find time to fit in a short run or at the very least go for a nice long walk this weekend but it didn't happen. I thought I might be able to sneak a run on the treadmill while Audrey napped but everyone had plans and I couldn't very well leave Audrey alone while I went to the next building where the gym is.

Even though it was raining, I thought I could go for a walk outside if I bundled Audrey up in the Chariot to keep her dry and warm. Turns out hubby forgot that the Chariot was in the topper of the truck and even though the ski hill is a 5 minute walk away from the condo, he parked it a bit closer so I had no access to the truck. I couldn't even go into town to window shop as the carseat is in the truck. Basically Audrey and I were stuck in the condo. Luckily hubby didn't stay on the hill too long since the conditions were pretty crappy so once he came back we drove into town to walk around and get a coffee.

That evening our friends A & J made everyone a yummy chicken curry dish that we all gobbled up. We spent the early evening eating, drinking, watching movies and telling silly stories. The little ones just sat and played with each other and entertained us with their antics. They are at such a fun age!

Chowing down on dinner
Playing with Dane's mat
Just a little too big for it!
Cute lil' Dane
Later on a few of us went to the hot tub where things did not get crazy like they have in past years! We had a good time though and the hot tub is always enjoyable when it's cold outside.

Sunday we woke up to puking snow! Seriously!! This always happens! Everyone had to leave early though so we didn't get to take advantage of the fresh snow. We thought the roads would be awful but they were surprisingly not bad. I guess it's all relative though.

Just a bit of snow fell
Check out those huge snowflakes!
Thankfully Audrey slept most of the ride home so the drive was far more enjoyable. We stopped in Okotoks to get a coffee, stretch and change/feed Audrey. We saw Menchies first and decided to get frozen yogurt instead! Good choice! My selection this time wasn't as good as what I had a few weeks ago but it was still delicious. The place was packed so bad weather doesn't keep Canadians away from cold treats!

Once we got home we spent the rest of the afternoon doing all the fun chores that pile up. Hubby took Audrey grocery shopping so I was able to tackle the laundry and vacuuming without interruptions. Still have plenty of housework to keep me occupied every evening this week but I'm glad I got something done after being away all weekend.

Do you ski or snowboard?
Did you get your workouts in this weekend?