Friday, March 29, 2013

Audrey: 13 Months

12 months
11 months

Sleep: Bottom molars are really making sleep difficult these days. It seems Audrey makes 1 step forward and 2 steps back in the sleep department. Some nights she is waking up every 2 hours wanting to be comforted and/or nursed back to sleep and other nights she is only up once. This makes for a very exhausted working mama and not a very well rested baby either.

Naps have also been difficult now that Audrey is at the day home full time. Some days she will sleep for 1-3 hours and other days she won't sleep AT ALL! I'm sure part of it is teething related and just trying to get used to the new routine.

Eating: She seems to be back to loving most things however she likes variety. She might devour meat and potatoes one day but not the next.  She is loving frozen pomegranates, blueberries, peas, pretty much any meat, and bread is still her favourite. We are trying to reduce how much bread we give her because she seems to prefer that over everything else and we don't want her to start refusing other more nutritious food over bread.

She is still nursing 2-3 times a day/night (more if she is up 5490 times).

Teething: We are back in teething hell. Now it is her bottom molars that are coming through and making her oh-so-uncomfortable! She signs for medicine all the time and puts her hands up to her face to show that her mouth is sore. It's so heartbreaking, especially since we can't cuddle her during the day.

The camilia drops seem to be helping and when it gets really bad we give her tylenol. She becomes extra clingy, doesn't have much of an appetite and sometimes refuses to nurse even which really signals that she doesn't feel well.

Audrey now has 12 teeth.

Crawling/Standing/Walking: Audrey is slowly starting to walk. She will take 2-7 steps at a time and usually goes back to crawling. She is getting better at letting us hold her hands while she walks; before she used to absolutely refuse to do this and just rag doll. In no time she will be running around I'm sure.

Eyes: Grey/hazel. I think they are going to stay this colour.

Playing:She loves to hugs anything soft like a blanket or any of her stuffed animals. She is still enjoying her Little People toys and her activity table. The remotes and iPhones are still her favourite.

Talking: She is in the mimicking stage which means we really have to be careful what we say around her! Daddy taught her how to say "uh-oh" which was funny at first but now she likes to throw food and her sippy cup on the floor just so she can say "uh-oh!'" She loves to just babble when playing and eating. She definitely like to "talk."

Sign Language: Audrey has made lots of progress with signing this month. She has learned "medicine", "change", and she is much more consistent with "food" & "water." It's fun communicating with her this way and she gets very excited when you actually understand what she wants.

Weight/Clothing: She hasn't been weighed since last month so we aren't 100% sure of her measurements. She has an appointment next week so I will update then. I think she has grown length wise but she doesn't feel any heavier. She is mostly in 12-18 month clothes now. Still fits her 6-12m Robeez and size 3 shoes.

Personality: Strong willed!

Current Favourite Things: Remotes, iPhones, books, dropping food on the floor and saying "uh-oh."

Dislikes: Being told 'no', having her face and hands washed, having her diaper changed and apparently napping at the dayhome.

Miscellaneous: Going back to work has been challenging for our household. Everyone is learning a new routine, adjusting to earlier bed times, and waking up earlier. Of course, due to the lack of napping, Audrey is run down and now sick :( Poor little girl! Let's hope the next month goes smoother.


  1. I hope next month gets easier and A feel better soon!! She sounds like she is lots of fun!!

  2. Aw sweet little girl!

  3. Teething is tough... But it ends soon enough! Have you tried Hyland's Teething Tabs? I found it worked way better than Camilia (but still not as well as tylenol). We would give her those a few times and then tylenol if it still didn't help.

  4. She looks adorable in that dress :)
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