Monday, March 18, 2013

~Fernie for the Weekend~

This past weekend was our annual trip to Fernie with a bunch of our friends.

Things were a bit different this year in that we rented 2 condo units instead of just using hubby's family condo as we figured everyone would be more comfortable with the extra space with having two babies on the trip.

Unfortunately the day before we were supposed to leave, my best friend, L came down with the epic flu of death so she wasn't able to make it. I was so sad since I was looking forward to spending time with her. We have barely seen each other this past year and we have so much to catch up on. Stupid flu bugs!

Sp normally this weekend entails a lot of partying, laughing, relaxing and some of us hitting the slopes. Add a couple of babes and that all changes! It was far more low key than it ever has been. No shot skis, drinking Jenga or late night hot tub poaching. It was still a fun time though.

We left town on Friday night after work. Audrey is cutting her bottom molars (they take forever!) so she was extra irritable and didn't nap all day at the day home. I thought she would pass right out in the car but alas she did not and was quite unhappy for most of the 4 hour drive. Not a good start to the weekend :(

However she fell asleep half an hour before we arrived and we were able to transfer her asleep right to her playpen so that was good. We spend the rest of the night chatting with our friends and getting settled into our home for the weekend.


We woke up on Saturday to rain- definitely not good skiing conditions. Everyone was took their time getting ready since there was really no rush to get on the hill. We had a delicious egg breakfast and a couple people headed to the hill while the rest of us relaxed at the condos. Soon it was nap time for Audrey so I put her down (she did not get the memo that on weekends we sleep in and woke up at 6am).

I had high hopes that I would find time to fit in a short run or at the very least go for a nice long walk this weekend but it didn't happen. I thought I might be able to sneak a run on the treadmill while Audrey napped but everyone had plans and I couldn't very well leave Audrey alone while I went to the next building where the gym is.

Even though it was raining, I thought I could go for a walk outside if I bundled Audrey up in the Chariot to keep her dry and warm. Turns out hubby forgot that the Chariot was in the topper of the truck and even though the ski hill is a 5 minute walk away from the condo, he parked it a bit closer so I had no access to the truck. I couldn't even go into town to window shop as the carseat is in the truck. Basically Audrey and I were stuck in the condo. Luckily hubby didn't stay on the hill too long since the conditions were pretty crappy so once he came back we drove into town to walk around and get a coffee.

That evening our friends A & J made everyone a yummy chicken curry dish that we all gobbled up. We spent the early evening eating, drinking, watching movies and telling silly stories. The little ones just sat and played with each other and entertained us with their antics. They are at such a fun age!

Chowing down on dinner
Playing with Dane's mat
Just a little too big for it!
Cute lil' Dane
Later on a few of us went to the hot tub where things did not get crazy like they have in past years! We had a good time though and the hot tub is always enjoyable when it's cold outside.

Sunday we woke up to puking snow! Seriously!! This always happens! Everyone had to leave early though so we didn't get to take advantage of the fresh snow. We thought the roads would be awful but they were surprisingly not bad. I guess it's all relative though.

Just a bit of snow fell
Check out those huge snowflakes!
Thankfully Audrey slept most of the ride home so the drive was far more enjoyable. We stopped in Okotoks to get a coffee, stretch and change/feed Audrey. We saw Menchies first and decided to get frozen yogurt instead! Good choice! My selection this time wasn't as good as what I had a few weeks ago but it was still delicious. The place was packed so bad weather doesn't keep Canadians away from cold treats!

Once we got home we spent the rest of the afternoon doing all the fun chores that pile up. Hubby took Audrey grocery shopping so I was able to tackle the laundry and vacuuming without interruptions. Still have plenty of housework to keep me occupied every evening this week but I'm glad I got something done after being away all weekend.

Do you ski or snowboard?
Did you get your workouts in this weekend?


  1. Ah that stinks about the rain and then the snow just as you were leaving. We haven't had good luck with Fernie and the weather lately either. Sounds like you guys still had a great weekend though :)

  2. Looks like fun!! But holy snow and rain!? Yuck. Fernie ALWAYS has crappy weather, I swear!! But a nice getaway!

  3. This snow is silly! It needs to leave! I do not ski or snowboard, too much of a wimp ;)I sure did, finally got back to the gym Sunday!

  4. Too bad you weren't able to enjoy the skiing.

    I used to snowboard in junior high and high school, but it's been 10 or 12 years since I last did it.

  5. Even with the bad weather, I bet it was nice to be away! Too bad you couldn't get your run in! One of my favorite things to do while on vacation is walk to cute little coffee shops!

  6. I ski! Ottawa is getting snow tomorrow waaaahhh :-(


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