Thursday, March 14, 2013

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Is it the weekend yet? This week has just been awful and I'm ready for it to be over. Being a working mom is hard.

2. I'm still cursing daylight savings time for stealing that precious hour of sleep from me. The upside is that it's lighter in the evenings and I was able to sneak in a run outside after Audrey went to bed. It was almost worth the lost hour, but not quite!

Brought my headlamp just in case

3. Even if I am finding work to be tough these days, I am enjoying getting dressed up each day. Here are some of my recent outfits- yes, they are taken in the bathroom at work via iPhone. It's the best I can do!

I have worn dress pants but I haven't taken any pictures of those outfits!

And then this is what I change into as soon as I get home...

~ Are you still struggling with daylight savings time?
~ Working mamas- any tips to share on how to combat the exhaustion? 
~ Do you put comfy clothes on as soon as you get home from work?


  1. I LOVE your outfits! Share more often. Love that last dress - where from? And your hair looks so pretty. I have been so lazy with my hair lately. Running with a head lamp, you are hard core!!

  2. Love all of your outfits! So glad tomorrow is Friday!

  3. Cute outfits - you are a hot mama :)

    I am loving the extra daylight in the evenings, and the sunsets seem so much prettier for some reason, but I am also still missing my hour of sleep! I want it back!!!

  4. I change as soon as I get home from work too - though I work outside and I'm usually pretty dirty by the time I'm done work. So it's not so much for comfort as for not getting everything dirty.

  5. Honestly - I am always tired, but I do feel a bit better if I get some exercise in me - even if it is only a 20 minute run/work-out. Try to get at least 7 hours sleep too (if possible). I always feel like s*** the day after a 4-5 hr sleep.

    and yes, I am in comfy clothes as soon as I get home :-D


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