Monday, March 25, 2013

~What I did this weekend~

Another weekend gone by far too fast. Le sigh.

Friday was a pretty relaxed night with me preparing for my race the next day. I had a chiro adjustment after work to get me in tip-top shape. I went to bed pretty early since I was exhausted from the long week and I needed to catch up on sleep.

Saturday I actually slept in which felt amazing! I love races that start at 10am! I headed downtown for my half marathon which went pretty well (race recap to come). Hubby and Audrey met me at the finish line and we had a post-race pancake breakfast. Well-deserved!

Afterwards, we headed to Inglewood to shop for hubby's birthday present. I've mentioned many times before that hubby is the cook in our family. Last summer, for my sister-in-law's (hi L!) stagette we went on a food & wine tour in Inglewood. We checked out a lot of neat little shops and restaurants in this quaint part of town. One store in particular, Knifewear stuck out in my mind.

The shop owner gave us a brief rundown on the different knives and most importantly, let us try them out! My comment after effortlessly slicing a raw potato and tomato? "You might actually get me into the kitchen with one of these knives!" I never understood how important good knives are when cooking until I tried a good knife! What a difference!

That's a scary knife!

Chopping effortlessly

The detail on these knife is amazing!

After the stagette, I told hubby all about this store (and the other stores that we visited) and he was super excited. I knew a good knife would make an excellent gift! I told him awhile before his birthday that we could go down to the store together for him to pick out a knife since it is a fairly personal thing. Hubby is very particular about the "feel" of things in his big hands. Picking out silverware for our registry when we were getting married was quite the ordeal!

At the shop, hubby tried a bunch of different knives. He prefers a thicker handle for his big paws hands. He also liked the longer blades. I tried them as well and it's just amazing how much better they cut food.

He finally settled on one from the Masakage Yuki collection handmade from Shirogami carbon steel clad with stainless steel. It's pretty sweet! He was so excited to go home and cut some food.

I didn't feel too well (a little tired and sore from the race) so we headed home where Audrey and I attempted to nap for a bit. We met up with our running friends for Chinese food to celebrate our race.

Sunday I stayed at home with Audrey while hubby met the group to go running. He really needs to get back into it and I was definitely in no shape to be running! My IT band and calves were killing me all day Saturday and Sunday so I just needed to rest. Well, rest as much as a busy mom who has only one day to clean the house, do a million loads of laundry (I swear the washer ran!), and prep for the week.

Poor Audrey seems to have come down with a cold. She has a barky cough and a super runny nose. She just seems so uncomfortable. We snuggled a lot.

Playing some bball

So happy it's a short work week! Can't wait for Easter!


  1. I agree, good knives make all the difference! It's such a pain to chop and prepare food with sh*tty knives. I bet J was excited for his new knife! And congratulations again on your finish :)

  2. Great job on your half! I was looking for you and Leigh (I ran the half too!) but didn't see you guys...Loved the 10 am start time too. :) I need some good knives; maybe I need to pop over to Inglewood for the same thing!

  3. What a neat gift!! Good job on your half!!! I hope poor A feels better soon!!! :(

  4. That knife store looks awesome...I kind of want to go.

    Congrats on the half - can't wait to read all about it.

  5. I hope Audrey (and your legs) are feeling better soon!

  6. I have some fancy knives - I was really excited to get professional knives as a wedding present.

    Congrats on your half! Looking forward to your race re-cap


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