Monday, April 1, 2013

~2013 Goals: First Quarter Check-in~

One of my goals this year was to review my goals regularly to make sure I am on track.
Let's see how 2013 is shaping up.

Running/Fitness/Health Related
1) Run 750km in 2013. So far I have run ~200km this year so I am on track for this goal. I need to keep better track of my treadmill runs since they don't show up for distance on my Garmin. 
2) Get a PR in the half marathon distance- sub 2:22. Achieved!! Race Report here
3) Get a PR in the 5K distance- sub 30 for real (no short courses!). Still need to sign up for a 5K race. (Color Me Rad doesn't count)
4) Meal plan on a weekly basis- personally cook 2-3 meals a week. This has been going well. We usually meal plan & shop on the weekends. I cook 2-3x a week and hubby cooks the rest of the time. We only eat out a few times a month.
5) Eat better. Reduce sugar, and flour intake. Eat more natural foods. Definitely could improve here. Being at work has helped since there is less temptation around.
6) Complete a 30 Day Ab Challenge at least once. Need to decide when to do this. Maybe May?
7) Cross train 3x a week-- strength training and yoga. Tone this body! January and February I was quite successful at this. Since I have been back to work in March I am only doing one cross training workout a week. Need to get back at it.
8) Drink more water- at least 8 glasses a day. Improvement required. I have brought a bigger water bottle to work so I don't keep having to fill my small glass 10x a day.

1) Spend less money. Be picky about what I buy. Do I really need it? Can I live without it? Completed a No-Spend Month in January and have reduced spending in the subsequent months. Helps that I don't have time to go shopping anymore!
2) Continue learning how to use my dSLR. Complete more tutorials. Buy Photoshop Light Room and learn to use it. Fail! Just been using my iPhone for pictures lately.
3) Read 15 books. I have only finished 1 book so far.
4) Organize photos in iPhoto and make some photo books. I've done a little bit.
5) Learn to utilize the items in my closet rather than buying new clothes constantly. Success! I've been creating new outfits every day for work with pieces I already owned and only a couple new items.
6) Take or have taken family photos every season. Achieved! We had pictures taken with Whitney in February that turned out amazing!
7) Reduce time spent aimlessly on the internet. Doing this will help me achieve the above goals. Still a problem. Hence why I have read only 1 book thus far! 

There is still much progress to be made but I am pretty happy with the achievements I have made given the big changes going on the last couple of months here as I transitioned back to work. Mostly importantly, I have reviewed my goals and know what I need to focus on to make sure I can achieve them.

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