Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Audrey: 14 Months

13 months
12 months

Sleep: Still a battle of wills around here. It doesn't help that Audrey has been sick (bug, now cold). It seems to be getting a bit better and it definitely helps that Jarrett is doing one or two of the wake ups each night so it's not all me. It does make for some zombie parents though. We are hoping that as she adjusts to the new day home, her naps will get better and so will her night time sleep. Sleep begets sleep!

Eating: She is still being a bit picky these days. She knows what she likes and what she doesn't like! The newest challenge is that the new day home does not provide food so we have to bring snacks and lunch for her. We can't bring anything with nuts which immediately rules out her favourite food- peanut butter. She lives variety so she often turns up her nose at leftovers but will like them a day or two later.

She is still nursing 1-2 times a day/night.

Teething: No new teeth this month. Still at 12; just waiting for the 4 eye teeth.

Crawling/Standing/Walking: Audrey is walking more and more each day. She still drops to a crawl if she wants to get somewhere fast but she is gaining more confidence with each step. It's so much fun to see her teeter around. She's probably walking about 80% of the time.

Eyes: Grey/hazel.

Playing: She loves balls! We switched around a few of her toys to keep things interesting. She is loving her Little People truck and the Einstein activity table. She also enjoys reading books to herself.

Talking: Another sign that Audrey is happier at the new day home- she is much chattier. One evening we met with the first day home provider to discuss Audrey's lack of transition and she mentioned that she had never heard Audrey be so talkative when she is in her care. This was a huge warning sign to us since she is so chatty with us throughout the day. It's obvious that she was not comfortable there. Her newest words are "ball" and "no". She tries to say other things but it's mostly gibberish!

Sign Language: Newest signs are "bed", "bath" (more consistent anyway). The day home ladies love that she can communicate with them.

Weight/Clothing: She was measured about 3 weeks ago- 20lbs, 2 oz and 30.70 inches. She had a grown spurt. Not surprising since her pants were getting shorter. She is mostly wearing 12-18m clothing, although I have put her in a few pairs of 18-24m pants depending on the brand. Old Navy seems to fit shorter. Her feet have grown a bit but she is still wearing size 3-4.

Personality: Determined, loving and fun.

Current Favourite Things: Her blankets, books, magazines, her toothbrush and helping with the laundry.

Dislikes: Being cleaned up after meal time, and having something taken away from her.

Miscellaneous: We changed day homes in the middle of April which was such a good decision. Audrey is much happier there and where there are a few disadvantages, the benefits far outweigh them.


  1. She's so cute but I can't believe Liam is almost the same size!

  2. What a cutie!

    I have to go shopping for some spring/summer clothes for Max - he is starting to really out-grow the 12 month clothes he is wearing now. But you are right, some brands are different than others!

    I would struggle with having to provide food at the daycare - Max gets yummy homemade food at his daycare and it is one last thing I have to prepare in the morning!

  3. Glad to hear that she is doing so much better in the new day home! Can't believe that she's 14 months already!

  4. I love that she helps with laundry!! :) Train them early! So glad the new day home is helping!! Hope she feels 100% better soon!!

  5. What are those teeth waiting for? I'm glad the new day home is working out!

  6. She is so cute! I love her bow. The bows/headbands they make for little girls are seriously adorable!! Glad she is happier in her new day home!

  7. I think it's official, my boys are monsters - they were 20 lbs at something ridiculous like 6mos. :o)

  8. how fun that she is walking and talking more!


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