Tuesday, April 23, 2013

~Tuesday Thrills~

After a rough few days, there are a few things I am thrilled about:

- that Audrey is finally starting to feel better. Yay for a day without having to do 5 loads of laundry!

- that Spring may finally have sprung around these parts. Audrey and I went for a 3K run after work yesterday afternoon- I wore capris and a long sleeve shirt. No jacket! It was gorgeous out!
Reading while running
Just checkin' our pace!
- that there has been so much baby news lately!!

- that we are busy planning our Girls Road Trip to Vancouver for SeaWheeze Half in August. Get ready for CHRR to take over the city!!

- that I have an awesome husband!

What are you thrilled about this Tuesday?


  1. taking both pups to the park today to see how they play in the open! (and I think reg has an eye infection. boo!)

  2. So much baby news lately?

    I'm loving this nice weather! Glad Audrey is feeling better!!

  3. Jealous of the Sea Wheeze race! I hope to get to Victoria in fall of 2014 for their marathon :) Glad your little girl is feeling better! I know yesterday was beautiful!

  4. Glad that Audrey is feeling better! Wish I could do the see wheeze half. You'll have so much fun!

  5. I'm thrilled you guys are coming to Vancouver! That and I had a donut this weekend. :o)

  6. glad audrey is feeling better!! and yeah for spring weather!!!

  7. Ugh baby puke and poop sounds awful. We have been really lucky so far and I think Zoey has only puked twice. Once was in the car seat though and that was pretty gross. The weather is getting so nice! yay! Glad you're having a better week.

  8. Future runner on your hands, already checking her pace! :)

  9. Glad that Audrey is feeling better :)
    Did you guys decide where you are staying in Vancouver?
    I am so happy it is nice out again. I'm almost done my yoga challenge and ready to start running again


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