Wednesday, June 26, 2013

~Audrey: 16 Months~

Audrey 15 months
Audrey 14 months

Sleep: Still not the greatest sleeper. Don't worry- I'll getcha back when you are a teenager!

Eating: Much the same as last month- picky and likes variety. She loved cheese up until a couple weeks ago and now refuses to eat it, unless it's in something. Same with grapes. Just keeps us on our toes everyday.

Nursing has decreased- only once or twice every other day or so. Not completely weaned but definitely not as consistent as before.

Teething: Her eye teeth (final four) have finally cut through. She definitely had a hard time with these last four. Let's hope we get a break before the 2 year molars start coming through.

Crawling/Standing/Walking: Full on running mode. She still has the drunken swagger and has a few bruises on her legs to show for it.

Eyes: Grey/hazel. They have been looking more blue lately.

Hair: Finally coming in! It's still darker, with some lighter strands. I can't wait until I can pull it into a ponytail.

Playing: She loves being outside. She got a sandbox that she enjoys sitting IN. She drags her boots, and my shoes to the back door to go outside. She is not impressed when we have to go inside though- there have been a few meltdowns from that.

Talking: More words every day! She is great at mimicking us. She says no, cheese, down, up, out, help, dong dong (door bell), poop (TMI?), boots, shoes, go, bottle, milk, shhhh, hat, banana, bear, more, please and book. She babbles so much- totally not understandable but talks away to her self none the less..

A lot of the words aren't super clear but you can still tell what she is saying.

Sign Language: She isn't signing as much. She still signs mostly for "more", "please", "milk", "water" and "food."

Weight/Clothing: No recent weigh-ins. Still wearing mostly 12-18m clothes and size 3-4 shoes.  I'm sure she is getting taller though. Her reach is getting longer and longer!

Personality: Headstrong. She is not happy when you don't let her do what she wants.

Current Favourite Things: her sandbox, boots, her plate and spoon, shovels and the remote.

Dislikes: Having her face and hands wiped, and coming inside after playing.

Miscellaneous: Every day is more and more fun. She is so independent, yet loves it when you play with her. While I am sad she is growing up, it's so entertaining to see her develop into a little person.


  1. "Still not the greatest sleeper. Don't worry- I'll getcha back when you are a teenager!"

    I love it! haha I had a good laugh when I read that. Her little outfit is so super cute!

  2. Oh my, her and Liam are the same size it sounds like and Liam is half her age lol

  3. Oh my gosh I love little pony tails and piggy tails!! :)

  4. Awww adorable!

    She is saying so many words!


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