Tuesday, June 25, 2013

~ The Flood Aftermath ~

Slowly the city and surrounding areas are working towards cleaning up after the flood.

From the 47th floor of my downtown office building (yes, I have to work even though we are urged to stay away from downtown), it almost looks normal. Other than the fact that it looks like a ghost town- no cars on the road and very few signs of life.

Up close, that is not the case. 

Now that the water has receded to controllable, but still very high and dangerous levels, you can see the destruction that has occurred across our city.

The C-train tracks at Erlton- looks like a roller coaster.

Area of Montgomery- houses down the street are complete write-offs.
Top- after
Bottom- before

Even in a crisis there is humour.

The outpouring of volunteers has been amazing. The City asked for 300 volunteers- 3000 showed up! There are so many requests for help on social media and people are jumping to help complete strangers recover from this disaster. The shelters are overwhelmed with food and supplies donations.
Thousands of volunteers

Unfortunately, due to the flooding, the organizers of Color Me Rad have been asked to postpone the race to August 3rd rather than this upcoming weekend. Obviously this is a huge disappointment but I understand that our city's resources and efforts of all citizens are needed to help clean up our damaged city. We aren't sure yet if we will be able to participate in the race in August since we are supposed to be out of town.


  1. holy crap! The C-train tracks are crazy!!

    Kind of crazy that your work is making you come in....

  2. I have some of those picture saved for my post Morrow too. Just so crazy this is our city. So much work to do!! I think we should be out helping not at work!! I am sad I will miss the color run too, understand but disappointing.

  3. I can't believe some of those after photos. I haven't been into town yet and I'm kinda afraid to! I think it will be so sad. But at the same time it just shows how awesome Calgarians are.

  4. I cannot believe the c-train tracks. Calgary has been amazing in this situation though, all the stories I have heard are wonderful of the support. So different than Katrina and New Orleans...
    I am sad about the Color run too, but understand as well. I am not sure we are here and being that barely anyone I know is I might just skip it for next year. I was looking forward to coming to see all you girls!

  5. The during and aftermath is just crazy! I'm glad the rain has stopped!! It is all soo mind boggling, knowing what it was like when we were there last year!! Praying for those who lost their homes!!


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