Friday, June 7, 2013

~Haute Fashion~

Today could not have come soon enough! I am so exhausted after a late night out so I am definitely looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow (hopefully Audrey gets the memo too).

I found picking outfits challenging this week. Even though I had everything picked out ahead of time, I went back to the drawing board a couple mornings since I wasn't happy with what I had previously chosen. For some reason I felt like I had no clothes even though I have a closet full!

Casual Stripes
Striped cardigan- F21
Fuschia shirt- Old Navy
Jeans- Silvers
Sandals- Steve Madden via Winners
Necklace- Banana Republic
This outfit was comfortable, therefore perfect for a casual Friday. No complaints here.

Pretty in Pink & Polka Dots
Pink shirt- Joe
Polka dot cardigan- Old Navy
Cropped pants- Gap
Double strand necklace- Banana Republic
Peep toe pumps- Nine West
 This is one of the outfits that took me awhile to decide on. I'm happy with the final look but it took about 3 different shirt/sweater combinations before I was happy. Who knew pairing black cropped pants could be so difficult!

Chevron dress- Gap
Purple cardigan- Gap
Brown wedges- Franco Sarto
Jeweled necklace- Banana Republic
 Wow! I don't look very happy in that picture! I must have been concentrating really hard!
I love the look of this outfit but it's just a touch too short for me to be comfortable sitting in all day. It has an elastic waist that rides up so it gets even shorter. I'm constantly pulling it down and I hate outfits that I constantly have to adjust. So to the back of my closet it goes until the fall when I can pair it with tights and boots.

(It's not indecently short- just shorter than I am comfortable in, especially when I sit, which is what I do all day long!)

Annoying Ruffles
White ruffle shirt- Old Navy
Fuschia cardigan- Joe
Black skirt- Banana Republic
Peep toe pumps- Nine West
 Another outfit I was cursing! It looks fine in the picture (I think?) but that shirt was driving me nuts. It's quite baggy and flowy so I tucked it in. It's fairly low cut so I wore a tank top underneath but it wasn't the best tank top to wear so I was adjusting it all day long too. I don't think I will be wearing this shirt again to work. It wrinkles so quickly- by the time I got to work it was heavily creased. Not cool!
This skirt also made me realize that I need to watch what I eat. It's only a few months old and it's feeling a tad tight. I couldn't wait to change out of this outfit which is not a good sign!

Flutter & Flare
Purple shirt- F21
Scarf- gift from Turkey
Grey striped pants- Banana Republic
Double strand necklace- Banana Republic
Black pumps- Nine West
OMG my arms are bare for once! Don't worry- I only lasted about 30 minutes before putting a sweater on. My arms are never going to see the light of day if they keep cranking the AC so high in my office. It's getting to be a bit ridiculous! Other than the fact that I had to hide the cute sleeves on this shirt for most of the day, I really liked this combination. Comfortable, professional with lots of colour.

Now for Audrey's contribution- she is just loving her rain boots and it's been wet enough for her to wear them all week long. She spots them in the mudroom and insists on carrying them around. She can't quite put them on herself but she sure tries.

Playing in Daddy's rocks

At least her feet were dry!
Now if the weather would improve so she can wear all her cute summer clothes!

Happy Weekend!!


  1. I know what you mean about feeling like you have nothing to wear. Right now that is every day, old clothes are too small, maternity clothes are too big. I go through at least 3 outfit changed every morning!
    Love that chevron dress, but boo it rides up, I hate feeling like I am always pulling my clothes one way or another.

  2. I LOVE the striped sweater and polkadot sweater!! That chevron dress is super cute too but I know what you mean. Looking good as always. That sucks about the AC, I hate AC gives me a headache!

  3. I hate when the clothes you are wearing and driving you nuts and you just want to rip them off.

    Henry loves his rain boots too. He wears them all over the house all the time!

  4. Love that striped cardi!! I'm gunna have to start checking out forever 21!!

    I hate clothes that it weird!!


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