Thursday, June 13, 2013

~ Loving ~

This post is supposed to be about what I'm loving right now, but I have to say that I am NOT loving the new changes to the Google+ app. They switched a few things around which confused me and I couldn't figure out how to upload my pictures. I wanted to post this yesterday but decided to hold off until I could upload the pictures.

Well, what do you know, I tried uploading them and only a couple are showing up so screw it - there will be limited pictures in this post. Grrrr!
Seriously Google+, why do you make my life so difficult? 

So pretend this says "What I'm Loving Thursday"

~ I'm loving that the sun is out and I'm not completely freezing every day. (Funny, I wrote that yesterday when it was nice and warm out- today, I am wearing long pants and a sweater since I woke up freezing and it's supposed to rain today).

~ I'm loving all the flowers and plants that are popping up in the garden. Hubby works so hard to make our yard a nice place to spend time and I so appreciate his effort.

~ I'm loving the happy news I received this week.

~ I'm loving watching Audrey play in her new sandbox. She sits right in the middle and gets sand everywhere!

~ I love all the virtual friendships I have made. I feel so lucky to be connected to so many great people even though we may have never met in person.

~ I'm loving that everything works out the way it should.

~ I'm loving the great runs that I've been on lately. I feel like I am getting so much stronger and faster!

~ I'm loving this shirt my Aunt gave me!

~ I'm loving that the work week is almost over! Yippee!

~ I love this sweet girl more than words can ever describe!

What are you loving right now?


  1. I hear ya on google+!! So annoying, I did figure it out finally though. YAY for good news and things working out!!! So happy to hear. Love that shirt too and those photos of A are just too cute!!

  2. I don't even know how to use google+! I now use the updated blogger app.
    Happy news? Can't wait to hear about it!! Those are great things to love!

  3. I have never used Google +! My garden is a tad slow this year for some reason, I blame the lack of heat. I hope we see sun today. Yesterday there was some scary weather here and north of us.
    I have to agree about virtual friendships :)

  4. Aww, I like this type of post! I'm totally going to do this one nice to think about all the great things you're loving and thankful for.


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