Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I have a million thoughts (ok a handful) but can't seem to organize any of them into a post so here they are.

~ I finally made use of a gift certificate and had my first pedicure of the year. It was a-mazing! Normally I go to the cheaper places for a quick scrub, massage and colour but this time I was treated to a real spa experience. I went to The Spa Ritual and I could live there forever! It was so relaxing, the staff was friendly and felt very zen. It was nice to escape from the chaos of life for an hour.

~ There was some wicked fog yesterday morning. When driving to work it almost reminded me of downtown Vancouver, although instead of ocean it was fog. Not sure if that even makes sense! 

Taken from the 47th floor

~  We had our windows cleaned last night. Hubby did it in previous years but decided he didn't want to climb that high on the ladder anymore to get to the 2nd floor windows.  I can't really blame him. Audrey was quite entertained watching the guys do all the windows. It was a nice distraction while I made dinner. 

Now to clean the inside ones again. Somebody likes to put her finger prints and lip marks all over them! 
Fingers crossed they stay clean for awhile! 

~ Made a delicious lemon-shrimp salad for dinner. Mmmm so good! Audrey gobbled up the shrimp, celery and the cherry tomatoes. She wasn't interested in the pasta or avocado at all. 
It tasted way better than it looks!

I'm not a food blogger!

~ Somebody likes to play hide-and-seek! I took the cutest video of Audrey trying to find Milo after he jumped into the box. Once she did find him, he quickly jumped out. Started to feel claustrophobic I guess. 

And the week is half way over! Yahoo!!


  1. mmm dinner looks so good!! The fog was super cool!! And I love your sparkly toes! Pretty! Glad you were spoiled. That place is beautiful.

  2. great shots! the dishes look so yummy :) xx

    Letters To Juliet

  3. Awesome pics- would love to have that view at work!

  4. That is crazy fog! Do you work on that high of a floor? I am terrified of elevators... so could never imagine working in a office that high.

  5. That pasta salad looks delicious. Recipe?

  6. Love that view! I'm gonna have to bring a thermos of really nice coffee to your office one day.

  7. Ah jealous of your pedicure! I haven't had one in a while. Those are cool pictures from your office!


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