Thursday, June 6, 2013

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Apparently yesterday was National Running Day in the U.S.

Conveniently, I had a run planned since SeaWheeze training has begun! My training has been all over the place this week. The SeaWheeze app suggests working out 6x a week. I can tell you right now that I can't fit that easily into my schedule. I am going to aim for 5, although I won't reach that this week.

So far I have run for 40 minutes (on the treadmill while baby slept) on Tuesday and yesterday I did 4K tempo. I won't be getting a workout in tonight so tomorrow I will be doing some strength training instead of my usual rest day. Alison lent me some Jillian Michael's DVDs so I plan to give one of them a try.

SeaWheeze training app

2. Tonight hubby and I are going on a double date night- dinner and a concert with another couple. I'm looking forward to it! Unfortunately that means that I won't get to see Audrey tonight since the concert is at the other end of the city and I won't have time to go home before dinner. Luckily, Audrey will be in the excellent care of her Grandparents, Auntie and Uncle so she is going to have a blast. Far more fun than hanging out with Mom!

I am going to be so excited to see her after work tomorrow!!

3. I may or may not have mentioned that my cat can be a bit of a jerk. He's a typical cat in that he wants to do things on his terms but he has been known to bite and scratch us, usually we deserve it though since we are harassing him!
Needless to say, his world turned upside down when Audrey came along. He was not impressed with this new small, noisy, smelly, attention seeking being. He has always been a vocal bugger but he is even more so now. He has to seek out pets and affection now instead of me picking him up and insisting that he cuddles with me on the couch.

Despite his aloof attitude, he has been pretty good with Audrey. He seems to know that he can't treat her the way he treats adults- he has to give her more warnings and just walk away from her when she is bothering him. Audrey LOVES Milo. She lights up when she seems him and she has learned to pet him gently.

The other day the two of them were so cute together. We got home in the afternoon and Milo was in desperate need of attention. He kept rubbing up against Audrey and she was giggling so hard! He would lay down and she would pet him and hug him.

These aren't the greatest picture because it looks like he is trying to escape but he was just loving the attention. Guess he figures he should take what he can get these days!

Audrey hugging Milo

Milo body checking Audrey


  1. ha ha those photos of Milo and Audrey are pretty cute!! :) Hope you have a GREAT time tonight!! How fun!

  2. I don't know if it's just the pictures, but your cat looks huge!! Very cute photos!

  3. That's adorable that Audrey and Milo get along :)Hope you guys have a great date night :)


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