Thursday, June 27, 2013

~ Three Things Thursday ~

1. Can this city catch a break? Currently, five Canadian Pacific railway cars are slowly dropping into the Bow River, following a major structural failure of the federally inspected bridge (it was not inspected by the city). The Fire department is worried the bridge can fall into the river, and the rail cars carrying oil product could catch fire. There is a huge evacuation of nearby major roads and communities. Let's hope that no more damage is sustained to this city and no one gets hurt.

Sinking bridge

2. On a happier note, I was able to get out for a great run last night after work. My mother-in-law occasionally picks up Audrey from the dayhome early which gives me time to run some errands or just relax before going to their house for dinner. 

Yesterday was so beautiful that I took advantage of the child-free time and went for a run. It was hot but there was a pleasant breeze  wind to keep me cool. I just did a quick 4K loop.

I wore my Seawheeze shorts. The verdict? They are super cute but not good for running! They just ride up too much and I'm pretty sure no one needs to see that. I guess they will just be used as workout/casual shorts. I'm still peeved that I didn't order the long ones. Oh well.

Milo was looking for attention
3. This girl has so much personality! I just love her to bits! She makes everything better. 

Silly face

Blurry smile

Playing in the rocks

Shopping is exhausting 


  1. The bridge awful!!! Such stress!
    Glad you got out for a run, it was beautiful last night!!
    Those shorts do suck for running but are good for other workouts and I LOVE the print!
    She is just too cute!! So smiley!!

  2. I cannot believe this now too! I feel so bad for Calgary :(
    I went for a run last night too, great night for one. I have never tried those shorts but hate when shorts ride up during runs - then you are always pulling them down. No fun.
    A is so cute and smiley :)

  3. that is scary about that bridge! and yeah for a good run!

  4. Put a post on the Seawheeze facebook page and see if you can hook up with someone who wants to trade. I did that to trade mine for a different size and it worked great! Sure, I had to pay shipping but it was only $6 and I now have a pair of shorts I love to wear!


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