Monday, June 24, 2013

~ What I did this flooded weekend ~

What an emotional weekend it was. I am so thankful that the flooding in our city has not directly impacted me to the extent that it has to so many people. My heart hurts for the people who have lost their homes and all their possessions. Together we will re-build this city.

Friday neither hubby or I were able to go to work. We followed the news all Thursday night and power had been turned off in the downtown core to prevent further issues with the transformers that were completely submerged. Public transit was (and still is) not running downtown due to the flooding. We spent much of the morning following the news and keeping up with Audrey since we kept her home with us.

We needed to go to the grocery store and Walmart for a few things. (We live quite far from the affected areas so we were not compromising the situation by being out as we stayed in our community).  The city appeared to be in a panic that we were going to have a boil water advisory or a water shortage so by 11am there was no bottled water to be found. Thankfully an advisory was never posted, just a water limit to help reduce the strain on the treatment plant that was just up from a very flooded area. It continued to pour all day long which did not help the swelling river situation at all.

It stopped raining briefly in the evening so we had a 'smores roast in the backyard. We managed to only have a couple before the rain started again.

Roaring fire

Roasting some marshmallows

'Smore with a Reese cup. Yum!

Making 'smores using the tinfoil method.
Turn out much better this way.

Saturday the rain stopped for most of the day. Hubby spent much of the day working from home since his company was quite affected by the flooding.

We went for a run in the early afternoon. We were eaten alive by mosquitoes! We had to stop halfway through to re-apply bug spray. We planned to go to the park on our way back so that Audrey could play but she fell asleep on the run!

Hydrating before our run

There is rarely any water in this valley- it flooded the pathway

In the evening, we had our Half Marathon Clinic wrap up BBQ. The mosquitoes were horrendous again but we had lots of fun hanging out with our friends. The little girls had a blast playing with the rocks, running around and hanging out with some of the older girls. It was a nice break from following the news.

mmmm, hot dog!
Audrey has always wanted a big sister!

Audrey & Emily playing with rocks

"Helping" Dad chop wood

On Sunday we met up with our running friends to do 7K. It was a beautiful morning. It was so great to run with people again!

We went to Tim Horton's for breakfast after and then headed home to follow more news. We did a few things around the house, and hubby changed my oil.

It was looking like returning to work on Monday was highly unlikely with all the news reports. A bunch of people were allowed to return to their homes to assess the damage and see if their houses were habitable. There weren't any reports on the return of power to office buildings and all public transit to downtown is still unavailable. Only a couple roads into the downtown core are now open.

In the early evening, I received an email from work saying that the office will be open on Monday. We have power. Obviously, getting downtown will be difficult due to the lack of transit and only a few routes open so it should be make for an interesting commute.

It will take weeks and months for things to get back to normal but for now we will try to resume our daily activities.

Can the rain stop now please??


  1. Glad you had a nice weekend! My email was that my office isn't open yet, but maybe Tuesday. Even when it does open, getting there won't be any fun at all.

  2. Good luck getting downtown today!! I am happy you are safe :0 I still cannot believe the photos I saw. But like you said that together Calgary is a strong community and will get through this. Thinking of your city these days!

  3. Glad you had a good weekend despite the crazy events here. I heard the mosquitos were awful!! Yum to smores withe PB cups!!

  4. So glad you guys are all okay and stayed relatively dry for the weekend. Hope you got into work okay today!

  5. so glad you guys and your house are safe!! and I need to try smores with reese's!

  6. So glad your area wasn't damaged!! Those s'mores look yummy!! I need my car oil changed too!

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