Monday, June 3, 2013

~What I did this rainy weekend~

What a wet weekend it was! The sun did come out for a bit on Saturday which was a welcome break from all the rain we have been experiencing. The good news is that the grass is as green as can be and saves us hubby from having to water it and the garden.

Friday was a low key night. Pretty much did nothing other than a few chores and play with Audrey all evening.

Saturday we woke up to the sun shining so we rushed outside to soak up the rays. I enjoyed a nice coffee and breakfast on the deck while hubby and Audrey did some yard work. That girl just loves running around the back yard. She loves her new rubber boots and eating dirt!

Milo loves exploring the backyard too
Side note- there are baby birds in that bird house!

Running, running, running

Slacking on the mowing

Yes, that is dirt at the corner of her mouth!
And wet knees!

Sun beams!!

In the late morning, we headed out to Innisfail for the Asparagus Festival.

There was a hay ride, small Farmer's Market, a small petting zoo, a self guided tour of the asparagus fields, and of course, some asparagus to eat!

We opted to do the self-guided tour rather than wait in the long line up for the hayride guided tour.

We learned a few things about asparagus!
Row of asparagus

Hay ride

I did actually!

We bought 6 bundles of asparagus!

Asparagus picking carts in the distance

Asparagus up close
We had blanched asparagus with sesame ginger dressing and asparagus dip with nachos. Both were delicious!

We figured it would be easier to carry Audrey rather than push her in the stroller so she got to ride in the pack again. She likes it but prefers running around on her own two feet!

On the way back home, we stopped at the mall to pick up a few things, including a new leash for Audrey!

We opted for the backpack type, which perfectly matches her lunch bag (including size even if hubby doesn't believe me!). It has a removable strap that you can clip to the bottom of the pack. Audrey LOVES wearing it! She gets a little mad when you try to take it off. Only bad thing is that she looks so grown up wearing it :(

Trying on the backpack sans leash
After Audrey went to bed, we lite a fire in the backyard and enjoyed some S'mores. I decided to go un-plugged for the night so no pictures were taken. Trust me, they were good! Sadly, it started raining on us so we had to pack it in pretty early.

Sunday morning hubby woke up pretty early with Audrey so I could sleep in. They came to wake me up around 8:30am, and both fell back asleep!

While they napped, I had a productive morning. I baked muffins, made apple sauce, cleaned the house and finished up the laundry. I definitely took advantage of the rainy day!

Later in the afternoon, we went over to the in-laws house to see hubby's Grandma, brothers and their wives who returned from various trips around the world. It was SO good to be reunited and see them in person, especially C&L who had been gone for almost a full year! They definitely came back blonder and more tanned. I felt very pasty beside them!

Audrey and her little cousin L played together and shared some food! They are so cute together!!

What did I not do this weekend? Workout. We thought about going running on Sunday but wimped out when we woke up to rain. Laziness stops here and I am back on the workout train starting today! While it was nice to have a break, I miss my workout endorphins.

Do you like asparagus?

Are you sick of the rain?


  1. that little backpack is so cute! your low key friday night and saturday morning sound great!

  2. Her boots are adorable!!

    Can't say I'm a fan of asparagus!! Lol but the tour looked fun!

  3. Love breakfast one the deck! I have always wanted to go to the asparagus festival and Chad made fun of me. Next year we will go :) So sick of the rain, I hope its gone for a bit now!

  4. I never knew that they grew asparagus around here....kind of fun to learn more about it :) So glad the sun has come out today!

  5. Yum, I'd love an asparagus festival!

  6. I LOVE her backpack! That asparagus fest it awesome!! As is the sign about pee!


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