Thursday, July 25, 2013

~Audrey: 17 Months~

Audrey 16 months
Audrey 15 months

Sleep: Some nights are better than others. It seems that if she goes to bed later than usual she sleeps horribly. We are really trying to make sure that she goes to bed on time each night, including the weekends. We have also shifted her bedtime from 7:30pm to 8:00pm. She is still napping usually once a day for 1.5-2.5 hours.

Eating: Seems to be doing better. She still likes a lot of variety but she is more willing to try different things.

We have officially weaned from nursing. She still gets a bottle before bedtime.

Teething: She has a full set of chompers.

Crawling/Standing/Walking: Runs everywhere. She doesn't stop moving from the moment she wakes up until she goes to sleep. No wonder she is skinny!

Eyes: Grey/hazel/green.

Hair: Slowly coming in.

Playing: Outdoor girl! She loves the park, the backyard, going for walks, playing with the rocks and dirt.
She drags our shoes to the backdoor and says "Go!"

Talking: So many words! She likes to yell too!

Sign Language: Signing has decreased. She still signs "more, please, milk, food, water, bath, lion, bird, etc"

Weight/Clothing: No recent weigh-ins. She wears 12-18 and 18m clothes. Shoe size 4-5. She has gotten taller lately although she hasn't been measured.

Personality: The terrible twos have arrived! Little miss tantrum. It's exhausting. Everything is a fight lately.

Current Favourite Things: bubbles, sandbox, boots, books, rocks and the remote.

Dislikes: Everything! She hates getting changed, putting shoes on, taking shoes off, having a bath, getting in the car, coming home, being tired, etc.

Miscellaneous: Her stubborn personality is rearing it's ugly head. 'No' is her favourite word. I'm hoping this phase passes since she can be so much fun. On the plus side, she loves giving hugs, kisses- she makes the 'mmmmm' sound effect when leaning in, high fives, and talks so much.


  1. Reading this sounds just like all my friends 2 year olds! Endless energy some days and grumpy bears the next ;)
    Question - did you find signing made her talk later? I have always been curious of if it would.

  2. Yes - having a kid that is always "on the go" is pretty exhausting - especially when you are trying to run a track practice and have to run after the child who just wants to play in the dirty steeple chase water.....

    Max has started to get more stubborn as the weeks go on. He does the shoes to the door thing too! Too cute!

    His words are not very advanced yet - He has yet to say 'No' and says about 15 or so words. He started saying the name "Sasha" who is my co-coach on the track team. Only name he knows and the whole team thinks it is hilarious.


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