Friday, July 12, 2013

~Haute Fashion: Stampede Version~

Happy Friday!!! Ya-hoo!!! 

Firstly, I'd like to thank some special ladies for the fun evening last night. It was so nice to catch up, be pampered and have a relaxing night! Just what I needed! My toes look so pretty now- thank you!! :)

Now onto my Stampede attire. Huge disclaimer- if I was being judged by my actual "western-ness" I would fail miserably. As someone who grew up around horses and wore my fair share of western wear on a regular basis, I know what I am about to post is not "western" wear. So if you are expecting fancy cowboy hats, boots, tight wranglers, cute country dresses, etc you will be disappointed.

I'm not even attempting to dress "western" here so really this is more of a casual attire post since we are allowed to wear jeans to work for these 10 days.

Maybe one of these years I will pick up a pair of comfy cowboy boots.

So for my "non-western casual Stampede" work attire:

Coral, Turquoise & Denim
White shirt & denim jacket- Old Navy
Maxi skirt- Hope's
Necklace- Ebay
I jump at any chance to wear my pj-feeling skirt to work! Denim jacket = Stampede attire, in my books. I don't know if I've ever actually owned a denim jacket before and I'm not 100% sold on it for me but it worked well for Stampede and I'm sure I will get more wear out of it in the summer/fall months.
I ended up having to buy a half slip to wear under this skirt since I'm not super comfortable with how sheer it is in the back. I feel like an old lady and it definitely takes away from the "airy-ness" of the skirt but at least I don't have to worry about everyone seeing my butt now!

 Scalloped & Floral
Shirt & Cardigan- Old Navy
Jeans- Silver
Shoes- Spring
 Horrible picture. My lower half looks awful here. I swear it looked better in person. I love the scallop edge on this shirt and it's so flowy and comfortable.

Maxi Dress & Denim
Maxi dress- Target (US)
Denim jacket- Old Navy
Necklace- Ebay
Bracelets- ? 
 I have been dying to wear this dress to work! It's not work appropriate at all during the rest of the year but for Stampede it's perfect! The colours are western-ish and paired with the denim jacket it just worked so well. The jacket collar hides the necklace but you can still see it peeking out.

Brown & Mint
Mint cardigan- Old Navy
Brown shirt- Banana Republic
Jeans- Silver
Sandals- Steve Madden
Necklace- gift
Bracelets & Ring- ??
 I wore this outfit to our Stampede Party and I even wore a cowboy hat! I meant to take a picture with it on but forgot! It was one of the fashion hats though- not a true cowboy hat.

Denim & Coral & Lace, Oh My!

Lace shirt- H&M
Coral/pink jeans- Walmart
Denim jacket- Old Navy
The title says it all. One of my favourite outfits this week.

Stampede Skirt & More Lace
Denim skirt- Gap
Striped cardigan- F21
Lace shirt- Old Navy
Shoes- Spring
I'm pretty sure this skirt only ever gets worn during Stampede. It's a bit conservative so perfect for at the office. I have other denim skirts that would never be office appropriate, although based on what I have seen in and around downtown this past week, other people beg to differ!

While it was fun to dress casually all week, I'm looking forward to wearing more professional clothes next week.

Do you wear denim jackets or skirts? 
Do you ever wear "western" attire? 


  1. I want to get a denim jacket. I'm loving the maxi dress and denim jacket look.

    I love the coral pant outfit the best too. Love coloured jeans.

    I do western wear like you, but when I was a kid I had cowboy boots, wranglers, a big old belt buckle and a cowboy hat. I actually love cowboys hats sometimes still, I look good in them oddly.

  2. I have a jean jacket I wear sometimes but it is not quite right, I still need to find the perfect one! I have a casual denim skirt I do wear too.
    I have a few western type shirts for the fair here and if I have to go to a function.
    Basically our office just wears jeans all week! lol

  3. All our outfits are winners this week!

    I don't really have many western clothes - just one outfit for "Country Day" during spirit week

  4. I seriously love the Target dress! The colors are awesome on you!! GREAT casual work outfits! I love my maternity jean jacket, my other one is old and I don't love the cut. I don't often wear jean skirts, I have like 3..? I LOVE cowboy boots, mine are more trendy ones then traditional ones and super comfy!

  5. LOVE my jean jacket. Wear it with pretty much anything besides actual jeans. I found a "dressier" dark wash more fitted style too so it works well with dress pants for a semi casual feel. We don't have to dress up super dressy at work.
    Love the dress and pink jeans!

  6. I also grew up around horses and used to ride in the gymkhana and my grandparents were very country and cowboy-ish however I never dress that way anymore. Actually in March I took my grandma to a "cowboy festival" here in Kamloops when she was visiting and I felt VERY out of place in my leggings, tall boots, scarf and long t-shirt. Everyone was in levi's! Haha

    I think your outfits are SUPER cute! Are you allowed to wear maxi dresses regularly? I have a new obsession with maxi dresses because if I put a blazer on them they are professional enough for my workplace and they are SO darn comfy!

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