Wednesday, July 31, 2013

~The Accidental Half Marathon~

The last long run before SeaWheeze is done! Only 10 days to go!

I've been doing most of my training for this race on my own since the current half marathon clinic is training for goal races in September/October. There are about 12 of us road tripping from our Running Room to Vancouver for SeaWheeze but it's been challenging to actually train together. Between holidays, family obligations and a few wanting to do long runs at different times or even days, I've barely trained at all with them.

On Sunday morning, Hubby, Audrey and I met up with the current half marathon clinic. They had 10K on schedule. They were doing a route that I've never actually done, although I have run in the areas that were part of the route. The route is nicknamed "8 Up, 2 Down." That did not sound good! When they explained the route, it confirmed that it was going to be hilly. Not quite how I like to start an 18K run but SeaWheeze isn't exactly flat so this would be good training.

And hilly it was! We ran up our hill training hill which is just evil. Then we ran part of the Hansen Ranch route, which Howard described as a 'special place in hell.' It was just non-stop hills. I was very thankful to have a few people to run with and keep me going when it seemed the hills would never end.

We finished 10.35K at a pace I was happy with considering how hilly it had been. Hubby suggested that I run home to get the rest of my distance. He had done it a few months prior and said it was pretty straight forward and about 8K. I questioned the distance since it seemed farther than that but it made the most sense to run in that direction.

Of course, the route home involved Hansen Ranch again, the hilliest route ever! You just feel like you are running uphill for 5K straight, which you pretty much are. I was already pretty tired from the last hilly 10K but there is really no way around hills, especially considering that all the surrounding communities have "Hill(s)" in their name!

I walked when I needed to. I did a lot of negotiating with myself to get through the hills. I'm so thankful the weather was on the cooler side as it would have been unbearable if it had been hot. The forecast called for thundershowers so I hoped it would hold off until I got home.

Sure enough, I was right and hubby was way off in his calculation of the route. I was at 16K and knew I had at least 3-4K to go before I reached home. At this point most of the big rolling hills were done and while I felt tired, I wasn't in any major pain. Just the usual discomfort after running a hilly 16K!

I messaged hubby to let him know where I was and that he was off in his calculation. He offered to pick me up but I wanted to make it to at least 18K before I decided what to do. He was at the Farmer's Market by our house so close by.

As I thought, if I was to run all the way home it would be 21.1K. On one hand I just wanted hubby to pick me up and to be done but I also wanted to just run the extra 3K and prove to myself that I can run a super hilly half marathon.

At 19K I messaged hubby to pick me up. It was starting to hurt more to walk than run. My hip flexors and abductors were screaming at me. I continued running towards home, hoping that he would pull up and rescue me.

20K- still no response from hubby.

20.5K- I texted him back saying "forget it, I'm practically home!"

21.1K- almost to my front door. I beat hubby home. Glad to be done!

After grabbing a quick bite to eat, I headed for an ice bath. These legs were not happy with me at all.

What sweet relief. Even with the ice bath, I hobbled around for the rest of the day.

So for future reference, running home is about 10.5K away, not 8K! I won't be making that mistake again!

Now I just hope that SeaWheeze isn't as hilly as that route! I looked at the elevation chart and it does look like it has some rolling hills but I don't think they are as big as the ones I did on this route. I'm still hoping running at sea level will give me a good advantage!

Either way, I'm going to have a blast!


  1. Great job on the hilly accidental half marathon! I have done that before where I plan for a certain mileage and end up doing more. Oops! Just look at it as you are that great of shape!! :)

  2. Oh man! But at least you finished it and kicked those hills butt! Good luck at the Sea Weeze half!

  3. Wow good work lady!!! That is awesome and so hilly! You will rock this half now!! Brrrr to the ice bath!

  4. Sounds like a killer run!! I'm looking forward to your race recap from sea wheeze, it's on my must do list for next year!!


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