Thursday, July 11, 2013

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Stampede is almost over! I haven't done any "Stampeding" other than a couple pancake breakfasts and watching the Parade last Friday. I'm going to a BBQ at our office building today. I am enjoying the casual attire, even if I don't go all out western.

Need one of these shirts-
proceeds go to flood relief
2. I'm really starting to get down on my lack of workouts. Try as I may, I just can't seem to fit them in.

On Tuesday, I attempted a treadmill run at 8pm after Audrey went to bed and hubby wasn't home yet. That only lasted 20 minutes and it was pathetic. I tried at least.

Last night, I planned on doing yoga after we got home from dinner at the in-laws (always a nice treat to not have to cook on a weeknight!) but by the time I did a few chores it was 9pm and that's just too late to be working out, even if it is a fairly relaxing yoga session.

I'm also concerned about my lack of long runs. I have a half marathon in one month and so far the longest I have run recently is 10K. I need to do 14K this Sunday- hubby will be away at a conference so I will meet the running group and hope that someone will at least accompany me on this distance and possibly help push Audrey. Worse comes to worst, I can do as much as I can while pushing the Chariot and finish later on the treadmill but this isn't ideal since I doubt I will get on the treadmill!

I shouldn't complain though- I am able to workout and run, I just need to make them a priority. I'm not sure I can stand my house being any dirtier though!

3. In good news, I have read almost 2 books in the last week! Yay me!! That's what happens when you go to bed early and read for a bit rather than spending endless hours on the internet at night!

I'm also looking forward to my pedicure girls night tonight! I could really use some pampering and catching up with some friends.


  1. I am sure you will still be okay for the race! If you can get in a couple long runs great if not just take the race easy.
    Two books in a week?! Nice. I usually do one every 3 weeks but have not read much in the past month. Meaning not at all lol.

  2. What books did you read? I'll need some this summer! Don't let the workouts get you down, everyone goes through slumps and summer is hard - especially for a working Mom!! So just enjoy her and try not to stress!!
    YAY for our pedis tonight!!!

  3. Don't feel bad about not being able to get your workouts in....those weeks happen now and then. My workouts this week have included a lot of yard work. We had to remove a big piece of the sod and dirt so Brian and his dad can put the shed up this weekend. That was a serious workout! What books did you read?

  4. Linda got me one of those T shirts but I haven't worn it yet. That is the first piece of actual Stampede related stuff I have, if I don't count generic western wear like jeans. What books did you read?

  5. Oh my gosh, I sooooo need to start going to bed earlier. What books did you read?


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