Wednesday, July 3, 2013

~ Too Hot ~


We are not used to this kind of heat. Very few people have air conditioning because it's just not needed here. Yesterday, it was needed. It was hotter inside than outside.

Audrey and I escaped to the backyard to keep cool.

Pruning again...

Eating grapes

 We also had some unwelcome guests in our backyard. The Robins are ruthless! They eat all our strawberries before we have a chance to pick them. Brats!

No workout was done last night. I was sweating enough as it was just sitting. If my basement wasn't such a disaster zone, I could have gone down there where it's cooler but that's not currently possible.

The good news is that this isn't a true heat wave- it only lasted a day and it's much cooler today. I have no clue how you people survive in 30+ heat for months on end. Even with A/C, how do you go outside ever?


  1. I agree, while I love the heat yesterday was icky! I hid in my basement after work and the gym and thankfully the cool win picked up around bedtime so we opened every window possible.
    The robins are out in full force this year, we have tons around our house too!

  2. It was so hot yesterday! I went to Crossfit at 6pm and it involved running....I looked like I had gone to a hot yoga class after the workout! We ended up dragging our spare smaller bed to the basement to sleep. It was still hot down there!

  3. It was CRAZY hot!! I almost went to workout but felt a little sick and tired from the heat so decided against it. It was one of those days we needed AC!

  4. We have a window a/c unit in our bedroom and our bedroom actually gets super cold at night with it but the rest of the house is pretty unbearable. I agree 30 C is perfect! It has been 35 C+ here since Sunday but today it's finally cooling down a bit and I'm SO HAPPY about that.

  5. i can't imagine not having ac when it's so hot! last summer it was SO hot - thankfully this summer is much cooler so far!

  6. Oh man - we would die (well not die, but very very uncomfortable) without AC here. It seems like every year the heat and humidity gets worse in Ontario. The rest of the week has us in the 30's here in Ottawa- YAY!!!!

  7. Heatwaves are horrible when nobody has air conditioning! We're just not built (nor are our houses) for that kind of heat!


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