Monday, July 15, 2013

~ What I did this weekend ~

Friday was pretty low key since I was exhausted from a busy week. I snuck in a 30 minute treadmill run after Audrey went to bed. I started watching Horrible Bosses to keep me from getting too bored just staring at the wall. It was ok.

I also started the 30 Day Squat Challenge. I keep meaning to do another 30 Day Ab Challenge but decided to try something different.

Saturday I had a lovely massage in the morning. Afterwards we went to our friends' house for lunch and to go to the lake in their community. The babies had lots of fun, even if it was a tad cool out. I totally forgot all my swimming stuff (I remembered everything else!) but it wasn't that big of a deal since it was too cold to go swimming. I spent most of the time running after Audrey anyway!

Testing the waters

Playing in the sand
We were supposed to go to the neighbors for a Fire Pit party but hubby was too busy packing and getting organized for his work conference. I was too exhausted to go socialize and didn't want to change out of my pj's! So lame!

It also may have been my birthday... 

Sunday hubby had an early flight. Audrey and I got up to go running with the group but she took her sweet time eating so we missed it. I intended to make up the run during the day, either with her in the Chariot or on the treadmill. It was a trying day so we didn't accomplish much. I opted to take a nap rather than run while Audrey napped. I'm still trying to figure out when I'm going to make up my long run- hopefully tomorrow after work.

Boots and pj's?
New fashion statement

Toddler selfie
We went to my Aunt's house for dinner as my cousin and his wife were in town. It was so nice to see them and the rest of the family. I think Audrey was also grateful for the change of scenery! She also loved the chocolate cake that Great- Auntie kept sneaking her bites of!

I was actually quite productive once Audrey went to bed- finished some cleaning, laundry and baked muffins. It was a bit too late to tackle a run though.

Since hubby is away for a few days this week, I have to get Audrey ready in the morning for the day home. Today was  my first time ever having to get her ready, while also getting myself ready for work. Luckily my boss was fine with me being a couple hours late and I have hubby's parking pass so I can save time driving rather than taking the train downtown.

It went fairly well this morning. I got up a bit earlier than Audrey normally wakes up to get myself ready. When she woke up, we went downstairs to eat breakfast. I never eat breakfast at home during the week so that was nice. She was much happier this morning than she was yesterday so that made the start to the day better. I dropped her off at the day home without a hitch and made my way to work.

The best part, other than seeing Audrey in the morning, is that I got to sleep in! I didn't have to get up until well after I normally have to leave the house.

Hopefully tomorrow will go as smoothly as today did.


  1. Wow. I'm not sure I'd want to take the 30 Day Squat Challenge. I took a Body Pump class at the YMCA last year and it required lots of squats and lunges. I always ended up barely being able to climb down the stairs to the showers.

  2. Nice job this morning! Do you usually eat at work? I am scared to ask what time you leave usually... I hope tomorrow goes great too :)
    I should try the squat challenge!

  3. It doesn't sound like you celebrated your birthday....not all of us forgot about it! :) I eat at work in the morning too...I'd rather have more time to sleep then eat at home, haha. Hope it goes well with J being gone

  4. Sounds like a good, low key weekend! I hope all goes well with J being away, enjoy your mornings with A. :) LOVE the boots and pjs!! cute!

  5. Happy belated birthday!

    I have been thinking of doing a squat challenge as well. I should stop thinking and just do it.

  6. Happy birthday!!

    I should do the squat challenge...I hear they're good for labour! ...and I'm getting way too out of shape!

  7. She is soo cute! Sounds like a great weekend at home!! Hope thing are smooth while your hubby is gone!!


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