Monday, July 22, 2013

~ What I did this Weekend ~

Wahhhh why does the weekend have to be over? It was going so well and then Monday had to come.

Friday we headed over to the NEW Farmer's Market that opened up walking distance from our house! The ranch was such a great space that was sitting vacant for the last couple of years so this is the perfect use for it. We love going to the Farmer's Market but there isn't one close to us so we rarely get to go. I think this will be a new weekend tradition.

Ghost toddler with Farmer's Market carrots
They were having a flood relief BBQ so it was the perfect opportunity to check out the market and have some dinner. They had live music and just a great atmosphere. I really hope it does well.

After Audrey went to bed I headed out for a short 4K run. According to my neighbors I have a running doppelganger in the neighborhood! I guess they have said hi to her a few times as she ran past their house, thinking she was me. I'm pretty sure I saw her the next day and I can definitely see why they think she looks like me.

Saturday hubby had to work in the morning so Lil' Miss and I ran some errands. We weren't overly successful- no great Winner's finds this time but it was nice to get out. She even fell asleep in her stroller so I had to go to Starbucks to extend the stroller time!

After a long nap (she stayed asleep while I loaded her in the car and then transferred her to her crib!), we played outside in the backyard for a bit- she loves bubbles and those boots!!

We had a relaxing evening at home. We watched Sleepless in Seattle since neither of us had seen it before. It was such a good movie! Now I know why it's such a classic!

Sunday morning we managed to make it to Run Club. The current half clinic was only doing 9K but the small marathon group was doing 19K so we hooked up with a couple of them for our 16K planned run. One lady ran a similar pace to me so it was nice to have someone to chat with and share stories. Audrey was a bit bored so hubby had to keep stopping to entertain and feed her.

It was quite warm out and it wasn't a speedy run but I was just fine with that. I was happy to have done the distance, have no pain and not die! Goal accomplished!

While hubby and Audrey napped in the afternoon, I went to Costco to stock up. Afterwards we went to my sister's house for dinner. Audrey loved playing with her cousins and their cousin who is only a few months older than her. She was not very happy when it was time to leave since it was past her bed time. It made for a rough night for all of us.

I'm very much looking forward to my bed right now!


  1. I loved the market too!!! So handy! :) That dress and boots A is wearing is so cute! Love it. :)

  2. I love A's outfit in the second adorable! Glad to hear that your run went well :)

  3. I agree, I love the outfit in pic #2... she looks like an outdoors loving kid!

  4. I will have to check out the new market one day! I love farmer's markets.

  5. Sounds like a good weekend to me!

    Oh my goodness those boots!

  6. Her rainboots! AHH, so adorable!! :)

  7. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I don't think I have seen sleepless in Seattle either!!


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