Wednesday, August 28, 2013

~ Audrey: 18 Months ~

I will smile, but not when I look at you!

17 Months
16 Months

Sleep: Slowly getting better. I'm not sure she will ever consistently sleep through the night but at least it's way better than it used to be. (except last night!)

Eating: She is a little more adventurous these days. She still has her favourites- muffins, apple sauce, yogurt, watermelon and then rotates between liking and not liking everything else. She just likes variety I think.

She likes to eat stuff whole now. For example, she prefers to bite into the apple herself rather than us cutting it up. She loves corn on the cob, and nectarines for the same reason.

She is starting to use a spoon and fork more frequently.

She still has one bottle of milk before bed. We attempted to switch to a sippy cup and it did not go well. With sleep being as crappy as it is, we are picking our battles for now!

Teething: No change from last month- she has all her teeth except the 2 year molars.

Crawling/Standing/Walking: She's a runner! She is constantly moving. She is currently going through the phase of wanting to be carried up and down the stairs- for no real reason.

Eyes: Grey/hazel/green.

Hair: It's finally long enough to put clips in!! Now how long it actually stays in for is another question! She's not loving the headbands right now.

Playing: She loves being outside most of all. She had the time of her life spending a week at the lake. She loves going on the slide, swings, playing in the sandbox, wandering through Daddy's garden and going on walks.

Talking: First 2 syllable words this week- apple and happy!! She also kind of said her name which melted my heart! She says so many words but hasn't put any words together yet so far. Latest words are: door, apple, melon, sweater, happy, Audrey, hair, and many more that I can't think of!

Sign Language: She is signing less and less as she learns to say more words.

Weight/Clothing: She definitely had a growth spurt. She is 34 inches, which is the 97% percentile for height. She went from ~50% percentile for height in the first year to the 97%! She's still pretty light at 24.25 pounds, which is ~50% percentile. She still fits into 12-18m clothing, and wearing more 18m-24m items, especially pants. Her feet grew also. She is busting out of her size 4 shoes so I've been frantically trying to find new shoes for her. I'm buying her fall/winter wardrobe in 2T since I think she will need the length and so she doesn't grow out of it too quickly!

Personality: She is so strong-willed! She gets mad when she doesn't get her way. She is very funny though, love to make us laugh and likes it when you play with her. She likes to be involved in whatever you are doing.

Current Favourite Things: Duplo blocks, books, our iPhones, spoons & forks, and shoes. Oh, and Daddy. He is her absolute favourite!!

Dislikes: The car - still!, diaper changes, getting changed in general, pasta, peppers, and having her face & hands washed.

Miscellaneous: Every day is new and exciting with an 18 month old. It's amazing how much she has grown and how independent she is. She has a feisty side and she is also very lovable. She learns something new every day and for the most part the good parts outweigh the bad parts.


  1. Love that cheeky smile and then no way Mom!! She sounds like a ton of fun. I love that she likes being outside! And Daddy!


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