Monday, August 19, 2013

~ BC Summer Vacation 2013 Part 1 ~

The first part of the first part of our vacation was spent just the three of us in Fernie, BC at the family condo.

We headed out after work on Friday of the August long weekend and endured a long trip in the car with a cranky toddler. Maybe one day she will learn to love road trips!

When we finally arrived at 10pm we had a moment of panic when the key didn't work in the condo door- thankfully there is a spare in the lockbox. Turns out we have a faulty key that works occasionally.

Audrey rarely sleeps well in a new place for the first couple of nights so it was a restless night for all.

On Saturday, I had my belated Mother's Day spa appointment at a new spa downtown Fernie. It was AMAZING!! I had a facial, which is officially my favourite spa treatment ever and a pedicure. I was so pampered and honestly didn't want to leave.

Pampered bliss

After my treatments, I met up with hubby and Audrey downtown for some late lunch and to the park. We took it easy for the rest of the day. I relaxed and read my books which was the goal of this part of the vacation.

I took a nap in the afternoon while hubby and Audrey went for a short hike on the ski hill. Somebody was sleepy!

On Sunday, we went for a nice 6K part-trail run. Audrey was a bit uncooperative at first but once she fell asleep it got better! It was such a beautiful day and so nice to run in a secluded area, with the creek flowing nearby.

Afterwards we walked into town for some brunch. When Audrey woke up, we went to the local aquatic centre for a swim. The wadding pool was the perfect temperature and Audrey loved playing with all the toys, splashing in the water and going down the slide.

On Monday, we headed out to Island Lake Lodge for a short hike. It was a bit of a dramatic start with Audrey refusing to go into her hiking pack so we took some time to warm her up to that.


Once we got her in, it was a beautiful, albeit short hike around the lake.

After a delicious lunch at the Island Lake Lodge restaurant, we hit the road for Part 2 of Part 1 of our vacation- Wasa Lake, BC! 

The weather was a bit cool and rainy our first day there so we spent most of the day visiting with friends and family inside. Audrey had some playmates so she had a blast.

Tuesday was much nicer weather-wise. I went for a 6.5K run around the lake and it was pretty hot. Audrey, meanwhile was having lots of fun playing in the sand and water back at the cabin. The water was a bit cool for her so she preferred to "swim" in her own little pool!

Later that afternoon, hubby and I left Audrey in the capable hands of Grandma and Great-Grandma while we headed back home so I could get ready for Part 2 of my vacation- Road Trip to Vancouver for SeaWheeze!! 

Hubby returned 2 days later for more fun at the lake. Here are some pictures of Audrey living the lake like- you can tell she really missed me!! Haha!

She was a bit obsessed with that helmet!

Dad put her bathing suit on backwards!


Personal pool 
Bathing suits are overrated when Mom's not around

Ice cream!

Playing with my cousin!
Audrey loved the lake and was not very happy about leaving. She continued her car ride antics on the way home which poor daddy had to deal with on his own.

Stay tuned for Summer Vacation Part 2- SeaWheeze Girls Road Trip!


  1. Looks like a great holiday! I am with A I hate road trips too ;) Well right now at least.
    Glad you guys got nice weather too. I like my holidays to be sunny, but the odd rain day is nice too.

  2. Looks fun! I've never had a facial before but now I kinda want one!

  3. Looks awesome!! Glad Audrey loved the lake!!

  4. Looks super fun. Love her wearing that helmet on the beach so cute! ha Nice work on all the walks and runs.


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