Friday, August 2, 2013

Counting down the hours...

Not too long until we hit the road.
Tomorrow is spa day!!

Just have to put a few hours in at work.

I can barely contain my excitement! :)

Packing is 85% done. I just have to put the rest of Audrey's stuff into her bag, and load up the truck. I'm planning on doing this BEFORE we pick up Audrey so that can be done as quickly and efficiently as possible, since those two things never happen when a toddler is around!

So fingers crossed the packing goes smoothly, traffic isn't too horrendous and Audrey doesn't scream too much of the way. Lately she thinks being in her car seat is child abuse so we are going to have to get creative on how to entertain her on the 4+ hour drive. I'm hoping we arrive before midnight!!

Now if only all the work on my desk would magically do itself...

I tried to go shopping on the weekend but didn't have much luck finding anything. All the fall stuff is in stores now! I'm so not ready for that! I love fall clothes but I don't want fall weather yet. Can we please have two more months of summer?

Just a few outfits to share this week.

Pop of Colour
Blazer- United Colours of Benneton
Lace shirt- H&M
Skirt- F21
Bubble necklace- Ebay
 I love how a statement necklace can turn a seemingly boring outfit into something fun. I haven't worn this necklace yet since it's more burgundy than purple like I thought when I ordered it so it doesn't go as well with some of my clothes. I still love it though.

Spanish Love
Cardigan & dress- Spain
 I bought this dress a few years ago in Barcelona and I love it. It is so comfortable. I have worn it to all sorts of events- it can be casual, dressy or professional. It reminds me of the great times I had in Spain and I would move there in a heart beat. Might have to learn some Spanish first!

My boyfriend's back...
Blazer- Jacob
Shirt- Joe
Skirt- Old Navy
I'm loving this striped skirt every time I wear it, especially paired with this loose boyfriend blazer. Obviously great minds think alike because Audrey from Putting Me Together just posted about her love for her jersey striped skirt. Kinda makes me wish I had a cognac jacket!

Blurry Mint
Cardigan & necklace- Old Navy
Shirt- Joe
Jeans- Silvers
Oops- my photography skills weren't very steady this morning and I'm too lazy to fix it. I should have taken a close up of this necklace since it's super unique and dainty with all the beads on it. Next time...

So it will likely be extra quiet around here while I relax, recharge and spend time with family and friends. Oh yah, and run the SeaWheeze half marathon!


  1. Good luck with the drive!! with all the drives to Toronto and back with Max - we kind of have driving 5+ hours with him down, but he still screams his head off after about 2 hours. Usually hand him a toy one at a time and Paul will sometimes sit with him.

    Good luck on SeaWheeze!!!!

  2. Have a great vacation and have fun at Sea Wheeze!

  3. Good luck on your road trip. We bought a portable DVD player for our 2 day road trip to BC and it was awesome. That and stickers. I also sat in the back with the kids so I could entertain them easily. We stopped every 2 hours to let Henry out so he could run off his energy. And so I could feed the baby but you won't have that problem! I know it will go SO well for you!!!

  4. Have so much fun on your vacation! Unfortunately the weather here is not supposed to be very nice this weekend, but hopefully it'll miraculously turn around for you! And good luck with Seawheeze, I'm sure you'll rock it!

  5. Have a great vacay!!

    When you get back, do you mind giving me some pointers on dressy shoes for work when pregnant? My feet don't fit into any dressy heels or flats I own *sob* What do I do? LOL

  6. You always look so cute! Can't wait to have you in Vancouver!

  7. I'm really late replying, but have a GREAT race and a FABUlOUS vacation!


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