Tuesday, August 20, 2013

~ Summer Vacation Part 2: SeaWheeze Road Trip ~

Bright and super early, 7am by the time they picked me up- the last stop, on Thursday, my ride arrived to pick me for the road trip to Vancouver for the SeaWheeze Half Marathon. We had been planning this trip for 8 months so we were very excited for the day to finally arrive.

I tried to pack lightly!
The trip to Vancouver in numbers:

 -6 women in one mini-van

In the back
- 7 stops between Calgary & Vancouver (not including passenger pick ups)

One of many stops along the way
Guess where at?
- 107 bottles of water consumed (ok slight exaggeration but it's got to be close to that for the number of pee breaks!)
- 147879854 times we laughed
- 12473 pictures taken between 6 women in one day (again, slight exaggeration)
- 1 decorated vehicle

- 1 hostess who wrote the wrong date on the calendar and thought we were coming in 2 weeks
- 14 hours it took us to drive there, 10 hours is what it should have taken us

While it took longer than expected to get there (7 stops along the way will do that), we had so much fun during the drive. We shared so many stories, lots of laughs and a few jokes along the way.

Friday morning we woke up at 5:30am as we wanted to get to the SeaWheeze package pick up early to avoid the lines. Even though we left on time, everyone else had the same idea so the line up was very long.

Lucky I was able to meet up with Nikki from Slow is the New Fast. I've been following her blog forever so it was great to finally be able to meet her in person! She is one of my running mom idols.
I also met Krista from Read Bake Run Repeat which was a nice surprise! Both ladies were so sweet and full of excitement for the race. They definitely got me pumped for the race! They also got there way before we did and didn't have to endure the super long line up. Smart!

Picture courtesy of Nikki
We waited in line for the race package pick up for close to 2 hours. It was painful. Thankfully there were enough of us to make the time go by quickly and we could duck in and out of the line occasionally. Lululemon did a great job of entertaining us all and keeping us hydrated and fed. Even if the line up was ridiculous at least they attempted to make it better.


So many people

Finally we got through the race package line up, got our bags, wrist bands and timing chips.

Yes, Chip the founder of Lululemon is on the timing chip.

Then there was another long line up into the showcase store- where you could buy all the limited edition SeaWheeze Lululemon items. 

You can see all the SeaWheeze bags on
people's backs.
It was a little insane in the store. If there was something you might possibly want you better grab it and hold onto it until you knew for sure you didn't want it. Many things were already sold out and we were in there by 11am. I still managed to buy a few things...

Showcase chaos
Post shopping high

The goods
Afterwards we were in desperate need of food so we to a nearby restaurant- Tap and Barrel. Highly recommend it if you are in the Vancouver area. They have lots of gluten free options if that's your thing (one of our road trippers is Celiac). 

Once our bellies were satisfied, we went for a nice walk along the marina. I seriously love this city!

 We went back to the convention centre where the SeaWheeze events were being held and got a little pampered:

Manicure in SeaWheeze colours

Manicure & Hair Salon set up
They also were giving massages, spray on tattoos and some food stands, like this cotton candy one.

Part of the gang

Our meeting spot

This was definitely the best "expo" I've ever been to, although I don't think it really counts as an expo since the only vendor was Lululemon!

We stayed downtown the entire day and returned to our hostess' home for a lovely pre-race turkey dinner. It was so good!

Being on our feet for 9 hours the day before the race was probably not the best idea but we had to much fun and other than the long line ups it was all worth it!

We got everything ready for the race the next day and went to bed maybe a bit later than we should have considering we had a 3:30am wakeup call! I think we all slept pretty well after being in the sun and on our feet all day.

Next up: SeaWheeze Half Marathon Race Report 2013!!


  1. Sounds awesome so far! Looks like you bought some fun stuff! I love the hair and mani stations, so fun!! YAY for lululemon! Glad you had a successful trip so far!

  2. That sounds awesome! I would love to run that race one year.

  3. Oh no! Your hostess wasn't expecting you? hahah oh road trips! Can't wait to hear how your race went. I also really love Vancouver.

  4. Two hours for kit pickup?!? Yikes! I think I waited an hour for army run one year but normally I'm in and out. I like the idea of the lululemon shop though! Except I would probably spend too much $$$

  5. Sounds like such a fun time! Love the pampering stations!!


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