Thursday, August 1, 2013

~Three Things Thursday~

1. TWO more days!!! This week is just dragging even though I've been super busy with work. I just want the week to be over so it's vacation time!

2. Packing, packing, packing! Children require so much stuff when going away! I'm worried we are going to forget something but I guess if we do we will either survive without it or buy it. And trying to pack with a 17m old running around? Waste of time. She just pulls everything out of the suitcase and then gets mad when I won't let her have something.

3. Look at this cuteness! Even if they both keep me up at night...


  1. I know I am so ready for holidays too! Just 1.5 more days of work :)
    They are both adorable :) I had no clue you had an orange tabby. I love them. One of Scar's brother's was one and I wanted them both but Chad said no at the time since he'd never owned a cat and it was our first pet.

  2. Two more days of work for me too! It's going by super slow though too. Packing is the worst! Can imagine how it is with a cutie like Audrey pulling everything out :)

  3. Henry pulls things out of suitcases and sits in them. I can only pack while he is sleeping. Have a fun vacation! How exciting!!

  4. YAY for holidays!!! ha ha I love how A "helps"! :) Those photos of Milo are super cute!!


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