Wednesday, September 18, 2013

~Baby N #2: 18 Weeks~

How big is Baby N?

Sweet Potato
Baby is yawning, hiccuping, sucking and swallowing! That's nuts!
Wow- I can't believe I'm 18 weeks already! I guess that's what happens when you delay announcing! 

Weight gain?
Up a total of 6 lbs. Feels way more than that.

What I'm Wearing?
Thankfully the generous Alison let me some summery maternity clothes so I have a few new options each day! I'm still partially in regular clothes and partially in maternity clothes, except all bottoms (pants/skirts) are maternity, (excluding stretchy lululemon on the evenings and weekends).

Aversions or Cravings?
I've been craving candy corn but only because it's available now.

How I'm feeling?
I have way more energy now and emotionally I am doing better. I'm choosing to embrace all the good things about having another baby and not worrying about anyone else. Some days are harder than others so I'm just taking it one day at a time and trying to push out all the negativity.

I've been feeling little flutters and soft kicks for a couple weeks now. I've been feeling them since about 13-14 weeks. They aren't very frequent and I can mostly feel them when I'm in bed reading since it's quiet and I'm sitting still. If I really concentrate I can feel them throughout the day but they are still very subtle. Hubby even felt a small movement last night. 

Only interrupted by big sister. Usually I have to get up once to pee.

#6- Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown, 35 minutes of Get Ripped, 4K run, 16K run, 40 minute Pure Barre pregnancy workout, 25 minute treadmill run/walk.
Um, I'm impressed with the amount of workouts I got in! I rarely ever get 6 workouts in a week, even pre-babies! I must have found some energy somewhere.

What I'm Excited for? 
Our prenatal appointment tomorrow when we can hopefully hear the heart beat again, starting prenatal yoga tomorrow and our anatomy ultrasound next weekend. Can't wait to see the baby again! I'm also excited to finish the hutch for the dining room since that means we can start working on the nursery!

What I Miss? 
My body- I'm really struggling with how much my body has changed at this point. I know it's for the sake of the baby but seriously do my butt and thighs need to get that wide and squishy at this point? I just want the belly to grow to even things out. Trying to be grateful.
I also miss running fast and working out hard.

Girls' Night, family time, getting some maternity clothes from Alison, & working on the hutch

Baby Purchases & Projects?
Currently gathering nursery ideas and making lists of the few things I need to buy. No immediate need to rush out and buy anything yet.

Weekly Belly Pic

I think dresses make my bump look way bigger. This picture was also taken in the evening, when it tends to look bigger anyway. Thanks Alison for lending me this dress! :)


  1. You look great!! Sorry you have to deal with others negativity... That would suck, but I'm glad you are choosing to ignore it!!

  2. You look awesome!! Dress looks great (as I got bigger, I folded it down and wore it as a skirt with a tank and blazer to work.. ;)) Nice work on the workouts!! Good job. I am pumped for you for your appts!! :) I hope babes cooperates even though I know you are ok with it if he/she doesn't! I am with ya on the thighs and butt! Gah! Enough already we just need the belly to grow! ha

  3. This recent heat wave was tough for clothes for me too, most of ym summer clothes I am out of and then I have tons of fall clothes waiting to be worn. Happy today is cooler and I finally wore one item. lol
    You look awesome! I have said this before but I also was not a fan of the first 20 weeks where I just felt chubby more than anything. Even when others don't think you look it, you still do.
    Excited for your appts! I cannot believe it is anatomy scan time already. Crazy.

  4. You got in some great workouts this week! And that's awesome that the maternity stuff Alison lent you worked out :)

  5. Wow busy lady! You have more energy than I do! I can't believe you are already 18 weeks! I'm glad you are pushing away the negative!

  6. You look fantastic, as hard as it is to accept your changing body.


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