Sunday, September 8, 2013

~ The Early Weeks (5-15) ~

The one thing that I wish I had to look back on from my pregnancy with Audrey were details about the first 12 weeks. Since I wasn't public during those early weeks last time around either, I didn't keep weekly updates and it would have been nice to look back on.

So I kept a brief journal of the early weeks this time.
From what I can remember of last time, things were similar, but a lot harder.

Week 5

Finding out: We found out on June 10th. I just had a feeling so I took a test and sure enough it was positive. It was almost exactly the same time I found I was pregnant with Audrey, 2 years ago.
Highlights: I wanted to incorporate Audrey somehow when telling hubby (and the rest of our family) but I couldn't find a "Big Sister" shirt anywhere. After looking at several stores and calling around, I gave up. Since she loves her owl backpack, I put the  positive test in there and told her to give her backpack to Daddy. He opened it up and "ta-da!" Obviously Audrey had no clue what was going on but we were excited!
Feeling: Thankful but still in disbelief. Kind of scared of what next year is going to be like with 2!
Immediately contact my midwives and thankfully we were able to get a spot. Feel very lucky that we weren't wait listed since I can't imagine doing this again without them.
Physically: I haven't noticed any changes. Maybe a tad bit bloated. Feel pretty normal.Working out as usual.
Workouts: 4- 3 runs, 1 yoga

Week 6
Feeling: Still in disbelief. We have been keeping it a secret so it doesn't feel real yet. Hoping to tell our families soon.
Physically: Exhausted (although is that Audrey related or pregnancy related?). Can barely stay awake during the day at work. Hungrier than normal which I recall being when pregnant with Audrey. A tiny bit more bloated but it could be from the carbs and chocolate I have been eating.
Highlights: Telling Grandma W (my mom). We put Audrey in her "Big Sister" shirt (that hubby had to make) and it didn't take her long to read it. She is pretty excited!
Telling my one of my BFFs. She is very excited and happy for us. (She has been asking me for months so when she asked me I couldn't lie).
Workouts: 5-  Three runs, 1 yoga, 1 strength training Jillian Michaels DVD

Week 7
Feeling: It's starting to sink in now that we have told a few people. I'm also starting to feel a bit nauseous, ravenous and exhausted. My back and shoulders are sore and my hip feels a bit out. Not sure if that's at all pregnancy related or just life!
Aversions: Hot dogs and hamburgers are starting to gross me out. I think we just ate too many over the Canada Day long weekend. Chicken is grossing me out too. Actually most food seems gross but I need to eat it to not feel nauseous. I really dislike this stage.
I can still drink coffee but it's better when it's lukewarm. I can't handle the heat of hot coffee.
Highlights: Telling the in-laws. Audrey wore her new shirt and MIL noticed it but wasn't sure what it meant. She thought it was a gift from someone. Once we explained it, they were very excited!
Telling my sister. We showed her Audrey's shirt and she was shocked! She made a pretty funny comment! She's very excited also.
Workouts: ?? (Forgot to record this)

Week 8
Feeling: I'm starting to feel down on myself about how I feel and look. I know it's mostly bloat, but I think my lack of energy makes me feel worse. I also feel bad because I know I am extremely lucky to be having another baby, and yet I am bothered by how I look.
Aversions: Meat is disgusting. I'm having a hard time preparing dinner and I couldn't eat my leftovers for lunch. All I want to eat is carbs to help the nausea go away. I've been living on fruit and anything white- bread, rice, chips, yogurt.
I weighed myself, fully expecting the scale to be up because of how poorly I have been eating but it hasn't changed. I'm not exactly sure of my starting weight since I haven't weighed myself in a couple months but it's lower than my pre-pregnancy weight with Audrey.
Workouts: 3 - two runs and one yoga session.
Highlights: Starting to tell a few friends and more family.

Week 9
Feeling: Some days are better than others. I might feel great one day, and then super tired and nauseous the next.
Aversions: Still turned off raw meat but I'm ok eating cooked stuff. I seem to be famished this week. I'm hungry all the time, including in the middle of the night. I need to make sure I have food handy all the time or it does not end well.
Highlights: Telling Uncle C & Auntie L. They caught on pretty quickly to the Big Sister shirt!
Workouts: 5- 3 runs, yoga and Jillian Michael's workout.

Week 10
Feeling: Super nauseous and tired again. Unless I am eating I feel sick. The fatigue is the worst from 3-8pm. I can barely keep my eyes open which makes it difficult to look after Audrey. I usually get a second wind around 7:30-8pm but it makes it hard to wind down to go to bed at a reasonable hour.
Aversions: Still meat.
Highlights: Our first visit with our Midwives! We are so happy to be under their care again. Unfortunately, the MW that was there for Audrey's birth is moving to Ontario so she won't be caring for us this time around. I'm a bit sad about that since I loved her but I'm confident that we will received excellent care with the other midwives on the team. I've been waiting to see the midwives again since we were released from their care when Audrey was 6 weeks old.
Telling Grandpa M, Auntie A & Uncle D.
Workouts: 3- I had to switch a run to a walk since I was so tired, felt nauseous and no energy but I felt it was better than nothing. 1 accidental half marathon. 1 Jillian Michael's workout DVD.

Week 11
Feeling: Exhausted and the most nauseous I have felt yet. Looking very forward to my vacation!
Aversions: Just raw meat. I'm ok with cooked stuff now.
Highlights: Having our "announcement" photo shoot with Whitney! She is so fun to hang out with and just works magic!
Workouts: Only 1 walk/run. The urge to pee would not go away!

Week 12
Feeling: I'm on vacation this week so I feel amazing! It's crazy how some relaxation, lots of sleep and a slower pace can make you feel like a million bucks! No nausea at all!!
Aversions: Still have to force myself to eat meat but at least I don't get nauseous thinking or looking at it.
Highlights: Seeing our little baby at our first ultrasound! Just one little one in there. Heart beat was 153 bpm and he/she measured a couple days ahead of what I had calculated. Everything looks good!
Road tripping with friends  and running the SeaWheeze half marathon! Amazing experience and such a gorgeous run. I felt great running.
Workouts: 4- 1 hike, 3 runs, including the half marathon.

I'm actually quite disappointed with these ultrasound pictures as we didn't get very good shots at all. We had some pretty amazing pictures from Audrey's 12 week ultrasound and these ones aren't very clear at all. This baby moved quite a bit less than Audrey too so can't blame the baby!

Week 13
Feelings: Back at work and back to not feeling well. What a coincidence! Have to eat lots of small meals to keep the nausea away. I still haven't told work yet so I'm nervous about that conversation. Still unsure of when I will tell them so until then it's still a secret.
Aversions: Raw meat- can't cook/too tired to cook at night. Grateful for a hubby that does it all without complaint.
Highlights: Telling more friends and I "think" I felt some flutters. Pretty faint but to be expected this early.
Workouts: 2- 1 strength training workout, a 13K run

Week 14
Feelings: Finally starting to feel better. I'm eating more protein in the morning which seems to be sustaining me. I'm tracking what I eat now to make sure I don't go overboard and to make sure I am eating enough of the right things. I feel so much better the past couple of days that I have been doing this.
Aversions: Still raw meat and chicken. I'm forcing myself to eat chicken since I know it's good for me.
Highlights: Hearing the heart beat for the first time at our midwife appointment! It was around 140bmp.
Workouts: 4- 20 minute treadmill run, 4K run, Prenatal yoga DVD, 16K run

Week 15
Feelings: I have been feeling very anxious about telling work about the pregnancy. I finally did it and it didn't go well at all. I'm relieved the conversation is over and the pregnancy is now public but I'm pretty upset about the reaction.
I'm feeling much better now physically that I am paying more attention to what and when I eat certain foods. I'm learning to like hard boiled eggs which is a big step for this girl who hates yolk.
Wearing mostly maternity pants/skirts now. They are so much more comfortable so I'd rather wear them than squeeze into non-maternity clothes. A few of my elastic waist no-maternity skirts still fit. Maternity tops are all way too big but my regular shirts are starting to feel too short.
Aversions or Cravings: Nothing?
Highlights: Having a few relaxing days while hubby was out of town and the grandparents watched Audrey.
Workouts: 4- Jillian Michaels workout, 15 minutes of prenatal yoga before I had to stop due to crying toddler, 2x 40 minute runs

That's it for the early weeks. I'll likely update every 1-2 weeks from now on.


  1. YAY! Love that you recorded all this! I'm sorry work acted the way they did. Pregnancy is such a miracle and no one should be anything but happy for you!!!

  2. That's too bad your work didnt react well. I'm so excited for you!

  3. So excited to read these posts now! My nausea was an all day thing from about 6-9.5 weeks after that it was just here and there so I cannot complain. The food aversions were the worst! I wanted nothing, especially at supper and if I had to cook it there was no way I'd eat it. Lol.

  4. I just loved reading all about this and found myself agreeing to many things tht were experienced weekly!! Love your bump!! Crazy how at 14 weeks the bump really becomes more noticeable!! You look great though!! Glad you are feeling well now!!

  5. I'm so sorry it didn't go well at work. It really sucks not to have a supportive workplace.
    I hope it gets better!

  6. Oh no, sorry to hear that it didn't go well at work. How come it was so negative? And I still can't believe you ran two half marathons in your first try! Way to go :)

  7. Boo about your workplace! What is your line of work? I guess teaching is different because we are fairly easy to replace - BUT because I am not permanent it was a bit difficult when I was pregnant with Max to let work know - and it didn't work out well at all. I even had one Principal say in September (I was due in Dec) that he couldn't hire me for a long term occasional contract (the only regular work I can get) because I couldn't stay for the entire contract (which was total B.S.). I left that interview in tears.

  8. You know how I feel about to them. Hopefully it is better now. I still think you rock for running 2 halves in your 1st trimester, I was so tired!! You are a machine mama! Glad you have this all documented!! I was alllll about the carbs too. :)

  9. Great recap of those early weeks! We told everyone right away and I am so glad we did because we could share the whole thing with everyone. And love the pics - do you notice any difference this time around in how early you showed?


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