Friday, September 27, 2013

~Happy Friday & a Confession~

This week flew by exceptionally fast! It was really busy at work so I'm sure that played a part in how speedy it went by.

Last night's prenatal yoga class was better than the first one. We were in a different room so there was less outside noise and we had more room to spread out. I chatted with one lady who had missed last week's class. Turns out we are due within 2 days of each other and we have the same midwife team! We stayed and chatted for 30 minutes after the class.

My Confession- I bought some candy corn last night! I must restrain myself from eating the whole container. I put it in the basement so it's not easily accessible. It's so addicting. I also saw different flavoured candy corn but thought it was best to go with what I know I like. Has anyone tried candy apple or caramel candy corn?

I saw this quote and it made me smile. I've been feeling good lately (until I catch a glimpse of my butt/thighs in the mirror!) but it's so true.

I'm so happy to be having a little baby boy that all the nausea, body image issues and fatigue are worth it. I have lots of time to get my body back to where it was so right now I will enjoy these truly amazing changes.

The best thing happened this morning! My little Daddy's Girl, who half the time wants nothing to do with me if Daddy is around, asked for me this morning when she woke up! I was on my way to work when I saw that hubby was Face Timing me. Since it would be awkward to answer a Face Time call while on a packed train, I texted to say that I would call back once I got off the train. He messaged that Audrey was asking for me, which melted my heart. I've been having a tough time dealing with her indifference towards me so this brightened my day. On my walk to the office, I Face Timed her back and she was so excited to see me! That definitely made my day!

Future architect? 

Playing with Milo
I'm still struggling with what to wear each morning so I must outfit plan on Sunday so I am not rushed/stressed every morning. Fall has definitely arrived so I've been wearing more pants. I'm not looking forward to wearing nylons to work.
Shirt & Slim pants- Thyme
Sweater- Old Navy
Grey shoes- Nine West

Camouflaged bump
I'm a little indecisive on these pants. I really wanted skinny/slim black dress pants since all my current maternity dress pants (from last time) are boot cut/flared that are hemmed to be worn with heels. I wanted pants that I could wear with heels or flats, and possibly boots. I like how these pants look in the front but I'm undecided on the rear view. I should just stop looking at the back and do some more squats! I tried them on with boots and they won't work as they are too loose around the knees and just look weird with boots.

Maxi Love
Blazer- Jacob
White shirt- Thyme
Maxi skirt- courtesy of Alison
I was thrilled when I saw that Alison included this skirt in a bag of maternity clothes she lent me. It is so comfortable, and doesn't cling to my least favourite parts. Thanks so much Alison!

Horrible Picture of a Comfy Outfit
Purple cardigan- Gap
Black maternity shirt- Isabella Oliver
Paige maternity jeans
Black wedges- Nine West
These jeans are so comfy. I should hem them since I have to tuck up the excess length. I swear they make them for 6 foot tall super models. This is a bad picture so just take my word for it that it's comfy and looks decent!

Last Minute
Sweater- H&M
Skirt & Shirt- Thyme (shirt borrowed from Alison)
Grey pearls- Jacob
This is an outfit that I had to throw together last minute as I was running super late. My original outfit for the day didn't work as the shirt was way too big so I had to scrap the whole outfit. Not bad for something thrown together.

Flower Power
Shirt- from Alison
Pants- Thyme
Cardigan- Old Navy
How cute is this shirt? I don't wear a lot of patterns (I'm so boring) so I was pretty excited to see this gem from Alison. I do find that patterns disguise the bump which is good and bad.

I'm looking forward to wearing some comfy leggings this weekend. I'm pretty excited that boot & scarf season is back!


  1. Confession: I put a nice bowl of candy corn on the counter yesterday as it looks so pretty and it's half gone. :( And Justin hates the stuff. :( Gah. I need to hide it and buy more for that cute photo. But it's SO good!! Haven't tried the other kinds,probably should not.
    Awe I love that Audrey asked for you!! :) That's sweet.
    Rule #1 - do not look at butt and thighs while pregnant. You will always want to cry and there is nothing we can do about it right now!! But I feel your pain!!
    You look awesome!!! SO glad you are able to use some of the stuff! :) I have more to pass on!! Those jeans and black pants look great!!

  2. I like the first pair of black pants! They look cute and comfy! Alison def. had some cute mat clothes! That girl is blessed with an eye for style! I really should take pics of my clothes, I just can't figure out how to get agood pic without having M take it! Maybe I'm too picky! Lol! Now that you know you are having a boy what idea are you thinking for the nursery? Have a great weekend!


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