Tuesday, September 3, 2013

~Labour Day Long Weekend~

Aka the long weekend that I failed to take any pictures! I'm feeling pretty annoyed about that since there were lots of picture perfect activities but I had tucked my phone away so I never had it on hand.

Saturday morning hubby and I headed out of town, just the two of us. Audrey had gone with Grandma and Grandpa the day before since hubby didn't get back into town on Friday until late.

We thoroughly enjoyed the quiet drive to Fernie. The traffic was light as most people would have left the night before.

We arrived just in time for lunch and Audrey was slightly excited to see us. I guess it's a good thing she was having so much fun with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle C and Auntie L that she barely missed us.

It was far hotter than I expected! We wandered through town running some errands and looking at all the art shops.

Hubby caught a lot of salmon on his fishing trip so he cooked some up for dinner. It was delicious! We will be eating lots of salmon for the next little while so I better start researching some good recipes so we don't get bored of is.

Audrey wasn't sleeping so well- we think partly because of a new place but also the pack n' play is a tad on the small size for this growing girl. I think she keeps waking herself up since she moves like crazy in her sleep. It made for a rough couple of nights with all the wake ups but thankfully we had lots of help keeping her entertained during the day so we weren't too exhausted.

On Sunday, the guys went fly fishing while the girls hung out at the condo and went for a couple walks. It was another scorcher day- 27C. In the late afternoon, while Audrey napped, I went for a 40 minute run. It was a hilly one, not surprising since I was on a mountain!

Audrey was thoroughly spoiled with attention by Auntie L & Uncle C. They just loved playing with her. I don't blame her- they are lots of fun! They went for walks, made grass bracelets, walked in puddles, played games, and read stories.

Playing a game with Uncle C

Monday we went for a short family hike up the snow-shoe trail. Audrey loved being in the pack, holding onto Uncle C's ears for extra security!

As usual, she only lasts about 30-45 minutes in the pack before wanting out. Since the trail wasn't very toddler stride friendly, she was mostly carried on various people's shoulders while we finished the rest of the hike.

Auntie found lots of neat leaves for Audrey
After the hike, we ate lunch, packed up and headed out. Thankfully Audrey slept most of the way home so it was another peaceful drive.

It was a great family-filled weekend. I'm sad to see summer come to an end. Already the leaves are starting to change colours and I'm sure will be falling off the trees in no time (see above picture).

At least it's a short work week! ;)


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend with family!! Glad you guys had some alone time too!!

  2. Sounds like a super fun weekend! Love all the family walks. Audrey seemed to have tons of fun!!

  3. You and Brian should have said hi to each other on Saturday in Fernie as he was there too :) Glad that you guys were able to get a way for a bit and spend time with family :)

  4. Fun little family get away! Audrey looks like she had a blast!


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