Tuesday, September 24, 2013

~ A Little Gender Prediction Fun ~

We have our anatomy ultrasound this week, where we are hoping to find out the gender of the baby. I really don't have any strong feelings either way and would be thrilled with either. I know hubby is hoping for a boy but he would love another little princess too.

So for fun, let's see what the old wives tales predict we are having.

Carrying high or low- if you carry low, it's a boy, high it's a girl.
I'm carrying the same as I did with Audrey- low (thanks to my long torso) so it's a BOY!

Heart Rate- if the heart rate is above 140 it's a girl, below and it's a boy.
So far it's always been over 140 so it's a GIRL!

Craving Sweet or Savory- if you are craving sweets, it's a girl but if all you want is savory then it's a boy.
I've been craving both, but considering that I NEEDED chips to survive the first trimester we will say savory, so it's a BOY! (although with all these cupcake pictures I'm craving sweet!)

Mood Test- mostly happy? It's a boy. More moody? It's a girl.
It's so a GIRL! (My poor hubby!)

 Chinese Calendar- Apparently this is a very accurate method of gender prediction. It uses the mother's age and month of conception to calculate whether you are having a boy or girl.
For Audrey, it was correct in predicting her gender. It also predicts it's a GIRL for this baby (not surprising since I have the same due date).

Even/Odds Test- If the mother's birth year and age (at conception) are both even or both odd numbers then you are going to have a girl. If one is even, and one is odd, it's a boy.
It's a GIRL!

Complexion- if you are having a girl, she will steal your beauty (aka bad skin) and if you have a boy, your skin will be clear.
It's a BOY!

Morning Sickness- if you are super sick during the first trimester that indicates a girl. If you are just a bit queasy, it's a boy.
Well I felt horrible the first trimester so it's a GIRL!

Graceful versus Clumsy- if you are clumsier, it's a boy. If you are more graceful, it's a girl.
I'm fairly clumsy and always find weird bruises on my body from walking into things. It's a BOY!

If Dad's weight stays the same, it's a boy. If he gains weight, it's a girl.
It's a GIRL!

Headaches- if you suffer from headaches, it's a boy. If you don't, it's a girl. 
It's a BOY!

All pictures via Pinterest

BOY: 5


So what do you think? 
Will Audrey have a baby sister or baby brother?


  1. I really have no idea what you are having (obviously because I'm not that talented, haha), but I am going to guess another girl :)

  2. My guess is girl!! Lol! I might steal this idea even though we won't be finding out!

  3. I am also going to guess that you are having another girl!

    1. I'm also going with girl again!!! So exciting! Did you decide how you will reveal? :) BUT I kinda want you to have a boy!!

  4. Hmm, I'm kind of guessing another little girl. So many of my friends have had two of the same lately, I'm guessing the same for you... (But I love my boys so much, I'd love you to have one too!)


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