Thursday, September 26, 2013

~Strong & Healthy Baby~

Yesterday, we had the anatomy ultrasound for Baby N#2 at 19 weeks.

Baby was mostly cooperative and did lots of kicking, waving and flipping.
It was so neat to feel the kicks inside me and see the movement on the screen at the same time. We had a great tech this time who walked us through everything, made lots of comments and took some great pictures.

She commented that this baby is quite violent in there! Looks like we are getting another energetic little one!

Baby having a drink and sucking on it's hand

Arm and hand up by the face
Love baby feet!
Bum & leg

I was really having second thoughts about finding out the gender. I thought it would be nice to do something different and find out at the birth. Once we were in the room and the tech asked us if we wanted to find out, it was hard to say no.

The verdict?

Old wives tales are just that and most of you aren't very good at guessing because...

We are both thrilled to be having a little boy!

I always thought I would only have boys, so having Audrey was a huge surprise to me. I'm not surprised at all that this one is a boy. While two little girls would have been adorable, I can't wait for a Momma's boy!

I was really undecided on how to reveal the gender to family & friends. We didn't want to do a party and hubby certainly didn't want us to wait to find out. The appointment was later in the day we didn't have much time to prepare, unless we prepared ahead of time for either gender. Since I was still undecided on if we would even find out, I didn't have a plan, just a Pinterest board full of ideas!

Once we found out it was a boy, hubby really wanted to do something fun to tell his parents and Audrey (since we had to pick her up from their house). Now he was on board for a gender reveal!

We went for a quick dinner, just the two of us, and then went to Chapters to find a little stuffed animal to give to Audrey from her little brother. We knew she wouldn't get it at all but it would be fun to incorporate her into our reveal to hubby's family. When hubby saw the blue elephant he knew that was the one since he still has his childhood stuffed elephant.

We put the elephant in a bag with tissue paper and gave it to Audrey. She carried the bag around for a minute and had to be coaxed into actually looking into the bag! She took out the first piece of tissue paper and played for it a bit while everyone anxiously waited to see what was in the bag! We finally convinced her to look in the bag more and she pulled out the elephant! Grandpa proclaimed "it's a boy!" and Grandma said "how do you know?" Grandpa said "well, the trunk of course!" which made us all laugh! In dim light the elephant looks grey rather than navy so I can understand the confusion. Audrey hugged the elephant for a minute before dropping it to play with the bag and tissue paper!

Now to start the fun process of choosing a name. We have zero names on our boy list so we've got some work to do.

Yay I get to buy boy stuff!!!

I guess the blue shoes were a sign!


  1. Ah so exciting! Congratulations :)

  2. Wow I was soo wrong on that one!! I can't believe you guys got that many pics or did you take them yourselves? Congrats on the baby BoY!!!

  3. Yay!!!!!! So pumped for you guys!!! This is awesome!!! Congrats!!

  4. Congrats!! A whole new ball game!

  5. Yea! That's exciting :)
    I am totally wrong

  6. Woohoo! So so exciting :) I am always wrong lol. Those are great u/s pics. We only got a few on a CD. Great video too.

  7. YAY for a boy! Being a boy mom is so so so much fun! You are going to love it :)

  8. Replies
    1. and I was the only one who guessed right - ha!

  9. Congrats! A little boy! So excited for you guys!

  10. Congrats! I'm so excited. Little boys are the best. Ah, I'm so happy for you I'm actually tearing up. It seems like everyone is having girls lately. And now Liam has a little friend to pass clothes down to. ;-)


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