Thursday, September 19, 2013

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Look what I ordered!!!

Right as Rain jacket
I'm sure you are thinking- "You are pregnant, why would you buy that jacket when you likely won't be able to wear it for months?" Well, I have been coveting this jacket for YEARS now. I came this close to buying it last fall but decided against it because we were going to Phoenix and I planned to look for something similar down there. Of course I never found anything and I missed them when they came available in the spring this year, or maybe they just weren't available in the spring. So now that they are available, I snagged one before I go another year without this jacket. So fingers crossed it is as nice as I remembered.
I like those plum leggings too but I really don't need a pair of those (at $90 a pop)

2. Thanks to Alison's recipe, I finally made some more energy balls. These ones are delicious so if you are looking for a yummy treat, make them! I have had some dates in the pantry for months now, waiting for me to have the energy to make Energy balls (oh the irony!) so I've found some recipes and will be giving those a try too.

3. My youngest niece turned 8 yesterday! How time is going by too quickly! I was honoured to be present at her super quick birth & she has grown into the sweetest, most lovable girl whose little cousin ADORES her. Happy birthday O!

Mommy Cheerleaders


  1. Love the jacket! And I love that Lululemon has free shipping. Even better!

  2. That jacket is cute!! I often feel like I need more energy too haha.

  3. Love the jacket. And those tights. Must not go on lulu's site! gah! Glad you found the energy to make them, so worth it. I just ate 2. :) So good.


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