Monday, September 16, 2013

~Weekend Recap~

Busy, yet productive weekend it was.

Friday after work Audrey and I went for a quick trip to Winners. We found a few good things- it's so hit or miss. I wanted to look at clothes but Audrey (aka ticking time bomb) didn't allow for it which is probably a good thing! They had some Halloween candy out, including some candy corn so I consider the trip a success. I need to keep my eye out for some candy corn for some Halloween projects (or eating...). My SIL reminded me to look for it when I'm in Phoenix since we scored the jackpot last year right after Halloween. It's hard to find here for some reason.

Saturday was a super productive day. I woke up to the sweetest little girl calling my name and giving me lots of hugs and kisses. It's pretty rare these days since she is such a Daddy's girl so I lapped it up! We met my sister at Costco to do some shopping which is always a scary experience- Costco, not meeting my sister! I didn't  buy too many things that weren't on my list so that's good. I did end up with one of their Tuffs hoodies that are so comfortable and way cheaper than the TNA ones! I'm ready for colder weather when it comes!

While we were shopping, hubby was tearing apart the upstairs of the house steam cleaning the carpets. It was quite the project that I'm glad I didn't have to be too involved in. 

That evening I met up with a few blogger friends for dinner. It was so nice to see everyone and catch up in person. Next time we meet up there will be a few more little additions! Thanks for the great night ladies!

I also managed to sneak a peak at Alison's nursery- amazing!!! She did such a great job! All ready for Baby Girl, in a couple more weeks, as per her mom's orders!

Huge thanks to Alison for lending me a bunch of maternity clothes and DVDs that she no longer needs. My struggles for warm weather maternity clothes have been eased! I can't thank you enough- you are too generous! 

Sunday morning hubby woke up with a sore neck so he and Audrey opted out of the group run. I had 16K to do on this beautiful SUNday morning. I took it fairly easy but surprised myself with a decent pace. Unfortunately, the days of wearing a water belt around my waist are pretty much over as it put too much pressure on my bladder and I had to pee the entire run! I had to wear my belt up high around my waist which barely fit because my hips are so much wider than my waist. I tried making a pit stop in a bush but it was a no-go. Such an annoying feeling! Funny how we were just talking about this the night before!

I'm a bit sore from the run, mostly my pelvis so I am going to try running with a maternity support belt to see if that helps at all. It usually starts to ache around 10-12K. I was given one last pregnancy but never used it since I got it after I stopped running.

I ended up buying new running shoes, new running socks but not a camel bak hydration pack as planned. Someone told me they are cheaper at Sportchek but when I went there they only had day packs which is not what I want to run a half with so I'll pick one up at the Running Room this week so I have it for my long run next weekend.

Also word of advice, cut your toenails before a long run. When I was trying on shoes I noticed that my sock was bloody and sure enough I had a cut on one my toes from the toenail next to it that rubbed during the run. It didn't hurt at all but sure left a mess!

So how did the hutch painting project go? It started off poorly but we ended up making more progress than I expected. With the chalk paint, you don't need to prep it before painting, other than making sure the piece is clean. Hubby took the glass out of the hutch- there were 3 panes. The middle pane- on the door was also glued in place so he was working on un-sticking (super technical term) the glue when he showed it to Audrey and she proceeded to drop a water bottle on it, therefore breaking it! I was less than impressed! It won't be hard to replace the glass, just involved a trip to a glass store, but it's another step that would have been nice to avoid. 

While Audrey napped, we cleaned the hutch with soap and water. Since it was a warm day out, it took no time at all to dry. We took all the doors off and proceeded to put the first coat of paint on. We plan on antiquing it slightly but since I wanted to avoid sanding the piece to it's original dark colour, we painted a darker colour over top. It's not super dark, since we didn't want a huge contrast when doing the antiquing. It's hard to envision it at this point since the first colour is pretty light. 

We saw some sample pieces at the showroom with the colours we picked so I know it will look amazing when done and I'm trying to not panic that there won't be enough of a contrast. 

The paint dried so quickly that we ended up having time to put a second coat of the dark colour on. Originally we were only going to do one coat but we want to make sure the ugly green is covered. Next weekend we will do the final colour. 

Third of the way done!
Already it's a huge improvement
I am so relieved that we have finally made headway on this project. I am horrible at dreaming up all these great DIYs and then never doing them so I am glad that this one is finally coming to fruition!

After painting all afternoon, went for dinner at the In-Laws. Audrey had lots of fun playing with her Uncles, Aunties and cousin L. 

It was a great weekend that would have been even better with an extra day added on. 


  1. Try Bulk Barn for candy corn - when we were there this weekend they had tons if it.

  2. Busy weekend wow!! The hutch is looking awesome!! I am so excited for you and to see the final product! So awesome. Dinner was great and thank you for the kind words on the nursery, glad you guys could see it! :) and glad those clothes will help, I know the struggle!! Nice work on the run, I hope the support belt helps. You are a trooper!!

  3. I saw candy corn at Target in Westhills on Friday night! I thought to myself, crap already?! Nice job on the run too! The hutch is looking good so far :)

  4. So jealous that you got to see Baby B's nursery! Lol! That hutch is going to turn out great!! Can't wait to see it finished!!! Glad you also got some mat clothes!!

  5. It was so nice to see you again. Hopefully we can do another get together soon

  6. I was so sad to miss the dinner! I wanted to see all those pregnant bellies (yours included). I can't wait see your finished DIY!

  7. The hutch is looking great! What a busy and fun weekend!!! :)


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