Monday, September 23, 2013

~ Weekend Recap ~

It was a beautiful first fall weekend of the year. It felt more like summer with the warm temperatures but the air definitely feels like fall today. Won't be long before all the leaves are off the trees and the snow starts to fly.

We had a busy, yet unproductive (for me) weekend.

Friday was pretty casual & uneventful. Hubby brought home Indian take out since neither of us had the energy to make our planned dinner. Afterwards, I tried out my new Camelbak on the treadmill since my waist water belt is a no-go for the next little while. I avoided getting one last time I was pregnant since I really dislike the 'bite and suck' mechanism but I didn't really have much choice with a half marathon coming up. There is no way I would run without water/nutrition so I had to bite the bullet.

Ignore the glass reflection
It is surprisingly comfortable to run with. I wanted one with a chest strap to minimize bouncing and it didn't move much. My biggest issue with it is that in order to access my nutrition or phone I have to remove the pack rather than just reach down like I would with the water belt.

Saturday morning we went to Audrey's swimming lessons. It's quite difficult to get into Saturday classes but we finally found a class that had a spot. Unfortunately, the pool was ridiculously cold so Audrey didn't quite enjoy it. She was super clingy and didn't want to participate in a lot of the activities. I sure hope she acclimatizes to the water but I don't blame her for not liking it. It would be perfect for lane swimming but when you are just standing around it's frigid!

I guess the class wore her out since she quickly fell asleep in the car. We drove around for a bit checking out some neighborhoods and fancy houses while she napped. She was still sleeping when we got home so we left her in the car in the garage since transferring her doesn't always work. Hubby put the first coat of paint of the second colour on the hutch (in the garage). It doesn't look so great right now but the paint store owner assured us that the first coat goes on streaky and evens out with the second coat. I'm getting more and more excited about it! It will probably be at least another week or two before it's done.

After Audrey woke up and had lunch we went into the backyard to play while hubby continued to work on the hutch. I so wished I had brought out my camera since Audrey decided to cover Milo in grass. He was walking around eating grass and she kept pulling big chunks of grass out and throwing it on his back. He was covered and barely seemed to notice.

That night, Auntie L and Uncle C came over for dinner and to watch Audrey while hubby and I had a date night. Hubby made the most delicious home made pizza (what we were supposed to have on Friday). We were going to go to a movie but we ran late with dinner so just decided to go to Chapters to browse books, have a tea and just hang out. It was a nice and relaxing evening.

Audrey had fun with Auntie & Uncle, minus the tub incident. Hopefully they won't hold it against her and will watch her again! ;) Thanks again, L & C!!!

Sunday we were up bright and early for the road trip to Edworthy Park for 18K. Yikes! It was my last long run of this training cycle, until race day. I love this route- from Edworthy Park to downtown and back. It's flat, scenic and lots of other runners & cyclists on the pathway. The weather was perfect and so was the company. I even ran into another friend who lives close by and was going for a morning run.

I ran with Nikki and Penny so there was lots of good conversation to keep me occupied. I had to stop halfway for a bathroom break- at an actual bathroom, not the bushes. Not having the pressure of the water belt around my waist definitely helped.

Around 10-12K my pelvis started to ache. The Harvest Half in 2 weeks will definitely be my last long run for a while. It's just too much pressure on the hips and pelvis. I certainly wouldn't be running this far if I didn't already have a race to train for. Plus once my pelvis starts hurting, it actually feels better to keep running than walking.

I was pretty much a wreck the rest of the day. I had an ice bath when I got home which helped my legs but my pelvis was pretty unhappy with me all day long. I ended up having a long nap in the afternoon since I was pretty useless. I guess I shouldn't plan anything for after the race! It feels much better today so that's reassuring.

After another delicious dinner made by hubby, we went to the park to wear out Audrey. It took awhile to get there at first since she had to stop at every driveway to examine the rocks, grass, flowers, etc.

I'm not even sure why we bring the stroller...
Once at the park she played with a bunch of other kids and showed her daredevil side. When did she get big enough to do all this stuff??

So here we are onto another week. So far it hasn't started out well with me forgetting my breakfast at home and once getting to work realized that the fridge cleaners tossed out a bunch of my perfectly good food on the weekend. Here's hoping the week gets better!

Also, a special Happy Birthday goes out to the cutest Mommy-to-be! Hope you have a great day Alison!


  1. What hydration pack did you get? I have a camelbak one from Running Room and love it. Never had any issues with it. Now I have to ask, what was the tub incident? My guess is that she left a floater, haha

  2. Awe thanks!!! Sounds like a great weekend! Glad you guys got a date night!! Nice work on the run!! Make sure you take it easy and relax too!!

  3. I never thought about my water bottle band until around 22 weeks I went to go for a run and realized it was not fitting for sure. lol. I just got a hand carry one since I was not running much over 6km outside.
    Cannot wait to see the hutch! I found that a few thin coats worked best for us with the dresser.
    Glad you got a date night in! I think they are so important before starting a family and especially afterwards.
    That is awesome you are still running those distances! I wish I did but sadly I had to reduce running to get pregnant lol.

  4. I miss going to the park with Max - although we should be able to resume normal toddler activities by the end of next week, yay!

    Max is all over the jungle gym things at the park - he has no fear so he climbs up to the top all the time.


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