Friday, September 20, 2013

~ Yoga, Bebe & Haute Fashion ~

I know I shouldn't be, but I am shocked that September is almost over! It's normally one of my favourite months since we tend to get some surprisingly decent weather, but it does go by way too quickly.

It was super chilly this morning so fall is definitely on her way. I almost wore boots but it's supposed to be nice this afternoon. I just hope it's decent out for my long run on Sunday!

I had my first prenatal yoga class yesterday. I know I shouldn't  judge the class based on the first session- we spent about 15 minutes introducing ourselves, The women range from 8 weeks to 31 weeks pregnant so obviously there are going to be some differences in how we practice. I found it very relaxing and the stretches were very much needed for my body.
Unfortunately, the studio also holds dance classes so you could hear music and dancing in the other rooms. I'm used to doing yoga in very quiet yoga only studios so I found this a bit distracting. I was hoping this class would be a bit more of a workout and maybe it will get better as the weeks progress. I'll probably appreciate all the stretching and relaxing as I get bigger too.

It's also a bit harder to socialize in this class (which I expected). In my prenatal aquasize classes that I did when pregnant with Audrey, we had way more opportunities to be social and get to know the other moms-to-be. I think it will be harder to connect with people with the short amount of time before and after each yoga class.

We also had a midwife appointment yesterday afternoon. It was just a quick check up as there aren't any concerns. Baby was a brat and wouldn't let us listen to it's heartbeat- it kept kicking and flipping around. We laughed since obviously it's ok! We finally heard it and it was between 140-150 bpm. I'm feeling the kicks a little more which is amazing! We will have another active baby on our hands!

Now for some "is-she pregnant-or-just-fat?" fashion

Does this panel make me look fat?

Cardigan- Old Navy
Lace Shirt- H&M
Necklace- Ebay
Pin stripe maternity skirt- Thyme?
I really hate how the thick maternity panel on so many skirts and pants show through when wearing a light or any shirt. It's really not flattering to have a line across your belly.

Black & Blazer
Isabella Oliver Tank dress
Blazer- H&M
18 weeks
And this mirror needs a cleaning.
I wasn't kidding when I said this dress will be making a weekly appearance. It fits so well and is so comfortable that I might actually wear it forever. You have been warned.

Stripes, Scarves & Sales
3/4 sleeve Cardigan- Old Navy
Striped tank- Joe
Boot cut jeans- Thyme
I snapped up this Old Navy cardigan for $8! That's a sweet deal around here! I have a similar coloured long sleeve one from Joe that is close to donation so I was happy to find this one. Truth be told, I wore the scarf hanging down at work that day rather than tucked up. I'm still a bit shy about the belly and my changing body.

The Dress that Outed Me
Liz Lange Maternity Dress- Target
Blazer- United Colors of Benetton
A few weeks ago I received a lovely text from Alison informing me that one of the Targets had a wicked clothing sale, including maternity items. I found this great dress for pretty cheap and happily added it to my closet. While it may be hard to tell in this picture, the empire waist accents the bump so when I told my supervisor that day that I was pregnant, she said she suspected because of the dress.

I won't be taking any pictures of the sweats that I plan on wearing all weekend. You're welcome!


  1. Love the tank dress!! Looks awesome and will totally grow with you! The Target dress is great too, glad you got it! Hope yoga gets better, I doubt it will be much of a real workout, they have to cater to all levels, I found it just relaxing and a good stretch and I agree not really a good change to connect with with ladies as there isn't much time to talk. I never noticed the music there but could have been a different time class... Have a great PJ weekend!!

  2. Most of the time it's not so hard to tell pregnant from fat. Especially if she was fit to begin with. Now, a big pasta dinner compared to early days, and you're talking a much more difficult choice.

    Since I'm a guy, and know nothing about fashion, you can discount what I say. That green jacket or sweater with your hair up makes you look taller. Not sure why.

  3. I really like the black and blazer!

    Yeah, those dresses that are very flowy tend to hug around the tummy area and even if you are just carrying a burrito baby, it starts the pregnancy rumours!

  4. I really like both dresses but especially the black and blazer.

  5. That last dress was a great find at Target! Love it

  6. You are doing a great job dressing up that bump! All your outfits are SO cute. We have very similar style (I think) so I always love your outfit posts!!! I have been TERRIBLE at taking photos of my outfits lately so I really need to get on that again. I just wish I had a full length mirror at work because my only full length mirror is on the top floor of my house and by the time I get to the bottom floor and complete my outfit with shoes I don't want to run back up and take a photo and I also don't want to take a non completed outfit photo with no shoes. First world problems or what! Ha

  7. I need to look up and find out what prenatal classes are around me! Prenatal aqua fit sounds fun!! Love that tank dress!!


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