Thursday, October 31, 2013

~Day in the Life: Working Mom~

Here is a glimpse into a week day around here.

Sometimes the evening routine changes- I may or may  not workout, hubby might make dinner instead of me, we might run some errands right after work, but for the most part this is what a day in the life of this working mom looks like.

(this is from Tuesday)

5:00am- Alarm clock goes off. Hit snooze a few times. Too early!

5:25am- Finally roll out of bed and head to the bathroom to get ready. I shower at night so it's quicker to get ready in the AM.

Miracle bag
6:00am- Dressed and ready to go. Audrey wakes up and as much as I want to rush in to comfort her, I know I will be late if I do. Hubby goes in to get her. I quickly grab my lunch from the fridge, show Milo where his food is since he seems to forget every morning & night, kiss hubby and Audrey goodbye and head out.

6:10am- Drive to the train station. I'm running late.

6:22am- Arrive at the train station and fight the road rage due to people not knowing how to yield or park properly. I walk to the train platform.

It's so dark!

6:27am- Got on the train and manage to get a seat. I check Facebook, emails and Instagram while on my way downtown.

6:46am- Get off the train at my stop

6:52am- At my desk and checking emails. Turns out I wasn't late after all! Being late is my biggest pet peeve so it always stresses me when I'm late.

7:35am- Must have coffee and breakfast now! Go to the office kitchen to prepare my breakfast. I always bring & eat my breakfast at my desk.

Coffee, water, and bowl of yogurt, granola & fruit
8:30am- Meeting with my boss to discuss the plan for the day and deal with some current issues

9:00am- Bathroom break & selfie

9:30am- Take a quick break for a couple Energy Bites and some water. Chat with a coworker in the kitchen about her recent trip and Halloween.

9:35am- Return to spreadsheets.Work, work, work!

11:00am- Step out to The Bay to look for maternity nylons. They don't carry them but I decide to try a regular pair in a larger size in hopes that they stay up better than my previous pair of maternity nylons. The saleslady is somewhat helpful and insists that I not wear control top since it will constrict the baby.

11:25am- Fell down while walking back to the office (inside). My shoe slipped out from under me- I hate dress shoes on smooth tile floors! I was wearing low wedges too. Totally embarrassing since it was in front of a bunch of people. The crazy thing is that no one stopped to ask if I was ok, except for a security guard when I got up and walked around the corner. Thankfully I fell on my one knee and hand and nothing hurts.

12:50pm- Oops it's lunch time! I usually bring my own lunch and eat it at my desk.

Leftover chicken & veggie quesadilla
Dried fruit & nuts
Baby is kicking and punching lots so I'm not too worried about the fall. Caught up on blogs while eating.

2:30pm- I'm not that hungry but decide to have an apple & peanut butter snack since I know I will be starving on the way home if I don't eat something now. Quickly finish up some work- clients always want something as you are packing up for the day!

3:16pm- Rush out of work and get on the train. Running behind but not too worried about it...

Train platform in the afternoon
3:35pm- Get off the train and drive to Audrey's dayhome

3:55pm- Pick up Audrey and for once there is no fight to put on her jacket, boots or get into the carseat!! It's going to be a good night!

Telling me "all done" with the picture taking
Such a diva!
4:13pm- Arrive home and change out of work clothes

4:35pm- Audrey has been asking for food since we got in the car so she gets some strawberries & raisins to tide her over until dinner. I eat some Jelly Bellies...

4:45pm- Audrey and I play with the duplo blocks. I'm exhausted and dreading having to make dinner, especially since it's a new recipe.

5:15pm- Start working on dinner- Pasta with Cauliflower Sauce and Chicken from a Rachel Ray cookbook. Easy enough but still manages to be difficult with a crying toddler at your feet who won't tell you what she wants. I get a bit frustrated with her but then decide that figuring out what's wrong is more important than dinner. I think she just wanted attention which can be difficult when I need both hands for chopping and cooking. A 5 minute break was all she needed though.

6:00pm- Audrey and I start eating. She tries a bite or two and says she doesn't want it. Figures!

6:10pm- Hubby arrives home. Once she seems him eating dinner, she suddenly gobbles down her own bowl. What a turkey!

6:30pm- We finish up dinner. Since I cooked, it's hubby's turn to do the dishes (and there were a lot!). He waits until after Audrey goes to bed to tackle them so we can have some family time. We play and watch some hockey highlights- which Audrey loves! She can't quite say hockey, it sounds more like hotdog!

7:20pm- Time to start getting Audrey ready for bed- bath, milk, story time. I wish I could go to bed too! I usually do the night time routine since Hubby gets her up most mornings.

8:00pm- She's finally down, although not asleep yet. She plays in her crib for a few minutes, talking to her stuffed animals.

8:15pm- I head downstairs to workout (even though I want to sleep). I need to burn off the candy calories that I ate! I do the Pregnant, Not Dead workout which has me sweating!

8:50pm- Pack lunches for the next day

9:00pm- Shower and get ready for bed

9:30pm- Finally in bed, editing pictures and writing my weekly pregnancy post

10:00pm- Lights out. Sleep time for this exhausted mama!

That's my typical week day! Not hugely exciting- we try to save the craziness for the weekends!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

~ Baby N#2: 24 Weeks ~

How big is Baby N?

It just seems crazy to me that the baby is the size of a cantaloupe now! Skin is more opaque and pink now. Getting closer and closer to viability. 

What I'm Wearing?
I pulled out my maternity winter coat this week, thanks to the snowfall and dropping temperatures. It's pretty comfortable and warm. I'm glad I invested in it last time and happy I can get even more wear out of it. It's pretty much a necessity for our lovely winters.

What am I NOT wearing? Maternity pantyhose! Why is it so impossible to find them? I've checked Target, The Bay, and Walmart with no luck. I would rather not by them at Thyme again since they don't stay up very well and are pretty expensive. For now I am going to try some regular nylons in a bigger size to see if they work. (So far so good- the front seam isn't super obvious and they aren't falling down! Time will tell if they work with a bigger belly though).

Aversions or Cravings?
Frickin Halloween candy everywhere! I also blame Whitney for sending me home from Alison's shower with bags of sweets! I can not buy any more candy or sweets until after this baby is born!

How I'm feeling?
Overall pretty good still. I have a fair amount of energy, although it seems to fade fast in the evenings. I have been getting slight heartburn during some workouts and when painting/waxing the hutch from being in awkward positions but it doesn't last long. I've also had some calf & foot cramps on occasion but I think it's more from dehydration or pushing myself in a yoga pose.

So many kicks all the time! It's a pretty amazing feeling. Hubby has been feeling lots of movement too. I think I may have felt hiccups yesterday since it was a pretty rhythmic feeling but I don't know for sure. 

I could also use more sleep but for the most part I don't have any complaints. I haven't needed to use the wedge or an extra pillow yet.

# 4- prenatal yoga class, Lindsey's 30 minute treadmill workout & a toddler interrupted Denise Austin toning workout, Tracy Anderson's Pregnancy Project Month 5 DVD (thanks Alison!), Pregnant, not Dead workout.
I didn't get a chance to workout as much this week. Between being super tired in the evenings or just plain busy there hasn't been much time to squeeze a sweat in. The workouts I did get in were pretty tough and I'm definitely feeling them.

What I'm Excited for? 
Escaping winter wonderland next week, starting my new position at work, the hutch being 99% done and finally being able to work on the nursery (although that's still a few weeks away).

What I Miss? 
Wine. My pants staying up.

Miss Delainey's baby shower- can't wait to have my own sweet newborn again to cuddle with all the time, mostly finishing the hutch and meeting my friend and her son for a playdate on the weekend.

Baby Purchases & Projects?
I found some bedding pieces at Target that fit our nursery colour & theme- grey and aqua (not teal, according to hubby). It's a start- maybe we will look for paint colours this weekend and that will really kick us into gear!

Jumping on the chevron train

Weekly Belly Pic

Monday, October 28, 2013

~Weekend Recap: DIY, Babies & First Snowfall~

Another exhausting, productive yet amazing is weekend!! I need a day to just put my feet up and relax... good thing our vacation is coming up!

After work on Friday, Audrey and I headed to the mall to run a few errands. Hubby ended up staying late at work so we had dinner at the mall (no, it was not healthy), did a bunch of shopping and played in the kid's area. Those play areas are genius, until it's time to leave. Then you curse them for existing!

Once we got home, hubby took over bedtime duties so that I could work on the da*% hutch! I am so sick of this project. I had to wax the top part of the hutch and the back of the doors. It's pretty labour intensive, mostly because you are in awkward positions trying to get into every nook and cranny. Unfortunately, contorting in those positions gives me heartburn and braxton hicks so it's just unpleasant!

On Saturday, I took Audrey to her swimming lessons so that hubby could plant some bulbs in the garden. Despite the cold pool, she had lots of fun and splashed like crazy. She still dislikes going on her back but I think that's pretty normal at her age.

She wore herself out at the pool since she fell asleep in the car on the way home. She didn't even stir when I transferred her to her crib. While she napped, I cleaned and snuck in a workout. Unfortunately she woke up during the last half of my strength training but better than nothing.

Hubby had a get together in the afternoon so Audrey and I decided to do some shopping (apparently we didn't get enough the night before). We went to a 2nd hand children's store that I'd never been to before and was highly recommended. It's hard to browse when you are running after a toddler but I did manage to find a few great items so I consider it a success. I'll have to go back without the toddler closer to baby's arrival.

Since we were close to one of the better Targets, selection wise, we stopped in. I found a few things I was looking for, including some items for the nursery so it was another successful shopping trip. My feet were pretty sore though.

Sunday we all woke up early but it was definitely not bright out! The forecast called for rain, then snow. Sure enough, I woke up to rain on the roof a few times in the night and then when Audrey woke up at 6:15am I couldn't really fall back asleep (which is totally unheard of for me). It's amazing how productive you can be when you wake up that early on the weekend! Normally hubby lets me sleep in until 8-9am but the extra couple of hours definitely made a difference. I wasn't nearly as rushed, I got a lot more stuff done and enjoyed plenty of quality time with my family without feeling as though I was compromising something else.

Despite the snow, we carried on with our plans to meet our friend Kim and her little guy Dane at Coffee & S'Cream, a play place.

Not impressed with the white stuff either
We live at opposite ends of the city so this works well for us to catch up and let the kids play. Audrey and Dane had a blast running around, climbing all the structures and riding the cars.

This girl loves her slides

There she goes!
The best shot of the 2 of them
In the afternoon, I was honoured to attend the baby shower for Alison and little Delainey. It was so wonderful to see so many people there to celebrate this sweet girl. She is obviously very loved! I had a great time catching up with Leigh, Whitney and meeting many of the important people in Alison's life. Of course, the best part was some cuddling with Delainey! Even though she has grown, she is still so tiny and slept most of the time. Love her!

When I got home, hubby had put the hardware and doors back on the hutch and we moved the bottom portion into the dining room! I still had to do a 2nd coat of the wax on the sides of the top part of the hutch (which I did last night) but for now the bottom part is usable. We also want our garage back now that the snow has arrived!

I'll do a full recap of the DIY project later- once it's fully done (we still need to replace the piece of glass in the top door that hubby broke). If I get some time (haha), I might take the bottom doors off and re-do them as I'm not 100% happy with how they turned out but luckily they aren't supposed to be perfect so I can live with them for now. Plus I'm done with this project!

Finished bottom part of the hutch
(That's a shadow on the right side)
Slightly distressed
We transferred everything from the sofa table into the bottom of the hutch (that we could fit) and put it downstairs. Once Audrey woke up from her nap, she immediately beelined it to the new piece of furniture and opened it up. She knows where to find the liquor in our house! Hubby quickly added the baby proofing locks to the doors so she doesn't drink all the booze and break my fancy wine glasses.

I feel a huge weight having this project (mostly) done. It was a great way to end a fabulous weekend. Now I can go on vacation and start working on baby projects without this looming over my head and taking over the garage. I definitely have lots of other projects that I need to get working on, that hopefully won't be as time consuming as this one!

Another busy week ahead!

Friday, October 25, 2013

~Bump Fashion~

It's Friday again. The weeks are going by too fast but at least that means Friday comes around sooner!

Tomorrow is a special day. It's Leigh's birthday!! Hope you have a great day and that Mr. D & Harley spoil you!

My Isabella Oliver order from Zulily arrived! It took forever to ship to Zulily- likely because it was coming from the UK so I was worried that it wouldn't arrive in time for my trip to Phoenix, since often customs can be a nightmare.

Overall I am pretty happy with both pieces. The turquoise tank that I ordered does not look like the same colour as what they had on the site:

website photo
My tank
(sorry it's such a bad photo)
The tank I received is a green colour, could probably be called turquoise, but it's definitely not the turquoise in the website picture. I am a bit disappointed since I really liked that blue but I don't dislike the one I received. It's probably a better colour for fall/winter anyway.

Ok, when I compare the pictures they don't look that different, but it's definitely more green than blue in person. Am I just crazy or do the rest of you see a difference in the colours?

I really like the tank since it's long enough that I can wear it under sweaters as a layering piece but with the ruching it allows me to wear it on it's own (with a cardigan since it's cold here!). Despite the fact that it's a tank, I think I will be getting a lot of wear out of it in the next few months. I'm sure it will be great for postpartum as well since the ruching is very forgiving.

The second piece I bought, the Ruched T-shirt maternity dress is perfect! It fits so well and I might like it even more than my black Isabella Oliver tank dress. And it's not purple, black or grey!!!

I definitely think that Isabella Oliver clothes are worth the hefty price tag. The four pieces that I own are definitely my favourite and most flattering maternity clothes. I also think they will work for post-partum since the ruching will hide the shrinking belly nicely.

While I wish I could afford to have a wardrobe full of Isabella Oliver clothes, I think I picked some great pieces that are versatile and worth the money, especially since I got a great deal on the above pieces from Zulily. My only regret is not investing in them during my first pregnancy!

Now onto some recent outfits:

Red Ruching
Shirt- borrow from Alison
Skirt- Thyme
Ruching is the best part of maternity clothes! It's so flattering and comfortable. While I don't wear a lot of red (not sure why?), I love this shirt. And look, no sweater over top!

Straight, Slim & Stripe
Striped shirt- H&M
Black slim pants- Thyme
Cardigan- Gap
Staple + Green
Isabella Oliver tank dress
Cardigan & Belt- Old Navy
Multi-Colour Stripes
Striped sweater & flats- Old Navy
Happy weekend! 

I'll be in the garage all weekend working on the hutch. My self-imposed deadline is fast approaching!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

~Unexpected, Workout Buddy, Child Labour~

~ What a crazy city I live in! I woke up to frost on the ground and cars, and super thick fog that made visibility tough. Our forecast for this afternoon? Sunny with a high of 20C! Seriously this city is so confused! This time last year we were under a big dump of snow that pretty much stuck around until May. I'm sure I just jinxed us all and we will wake up to snow tomorrow but for today I will enjoy the warm weather and an actual fall.

~ All parents have children for child labour right?? I've been counting down the days until I could put my child to work around the house. She still needs some training...
Child labour- sweeping the floor and dusting
She already cleans like her mother- cloth in one hand, drink in the other!!
I'm kidding, I don't risk spilling my drink while cleaning so I reward myself after the work is done.
And now that I can't drink, I obviously can't clean...

~ Milo likes it when I go downstairs to workout. He thinks it's his personal time alone with me- no kid, no husband, no chores to distract me. When I do yoga or weights, he rubs all over my legs, shedding like crazy.

Last week after a run on the treadmill, I stopped to stretch (and check my phone...) and Milo jumped on the treadmill, it wasn't moving, and rubbed all over my legs. Silly guy!

~ Things are about to get crazy busy at work. It should be good and I'm excited for some changes. I'm ready for a new challenge and one pretty much fell in my lap so I jumped at the opportunity. Take that!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

~Baby N#2: 23 Weeks~

How big is Baby N?

Baby is listening to my voice, heat beat and loud sounds like honking car or dog barking, or toddler yelling...

What I'm Wearing?
Thanks to Alison my maternity wardrobe has expanded even more! She has generously lent me more clothes now that Miss Delainey is here. I now have clothes to wear when we are in Phoenix since all of my maternity clothes are for fall & winter.
Also a few shirts that I bought earlier in pregnancy actually fit now so I'm happy to be able to wear them. I also broke down and ordered a larger size pair of Lululemon Wunder Unders crops because I can't find decent maternity workout bottoms.

Aversions or Cravings?
This baby has the sweetest tooth! I'm trying to keep my sugar intake to a reasonable amount which is really hard.  I'm trying to fill up on vegetables and drink lots of water when I get cravings. I'm also eating every couple of hours so that I'm never starving and give in to a quick sugary fix. 

How I'm feeling?
Overall I'm feeling great. This is my favourite part of pregnancy- not too big that you are uncomfortable, lots of energy, yet you look pregnant and not just fat. I am still feeling a bit stressed in terms of the amount of things I need to do in the next couple of months but I can only do as much as I can do so I just need to prioritize. I just hate having to skip workouts because I need to organize a closet/room, file or clean the house. 

There is a little football player in there! Last night as I was laying in bed, my belly was jumping all over the place. Baby was practicing kickboxing or something. I've also been getting braxton hicks- not painful or anything but definite tightening. Usually it means for me that I need to change positions, go pee or drink more water. 

No real complaints other than I could definitely go to bed earlier each night but I have too many things to do.

# 4- prenatal yoga class, Pregnant Not Dead Workout, prenatal DVD, Pregnant Girl Workout.
It was a lighter workout week due to a very busy weekend. I've been focusing more on weights and strength training than cardio the last couple of weeks. I run a little bit on the treadmill  when the workout calls for a cardio interval but mostly I've been walking. While it's not too uncomfortable to run yet, I just need a break after focusing on running for the last year.

What I'm Excited for? 
Our trip to Phoenix!

What I Miss? 
Having a race to train for, and my body, although I do love the bump and the voluptuous chest.

Meeting the 4th and final midwife on our team last week at our prenatal appointment. I was starting to think there was a conspiracy against meeting her since the last time we had an appointment with her she was called away to a birth so we had to meet with one of our other midwives. This time, I almost missed the appointment because of the fire drill. Thankfully the clinic was ok with us being 10 minutes late so we were still able to meet with N. I've had a few friends have her as a midwife and they raved about her so I had high expectations. Of course, she was just as wonderful as everyone said and I'm so glad to have her on our team.

Pregzilla Moments?
I know we have time, but I seriously dislike all boys names and the few that I do like are either too common or don't work with our last name at all. I'm not sure how we are going to agree on a name. We decided on the middle name a long time ago but the first name is proving to be very challenging. 

Baby Purchases & Projects?
Still no real progress in this area. I've been looking around, both locally and online for ideas. I've found a few bedding pieces that I think will work. I'm going to check around in the US before I buy anything just in case. I'm afraid to commit until I know for sure! 

Weekly Belly Pic

Monday, October 21, 2013

~Weekend Recap: Pumpkins, Date Night & Playdates~

What a great weekend! It was so busy so I will focus on a couple exciting things we did.

On Friday, the week ended perfectly with a quick visit with Alison, Cruz and little Delainey!

Perfect little girl
(picture from Alison)
What a tiny, delicious bundle of sweetness! Delainey is even smaller and more adorable in person! It's so amazing to finally meet this little girl whose arrival we have anticipated for years! I can't wait to watch her grow!

It was also great to catch up with Alison (who does not look like she just had a baby!) and Cruz.

At first, Audrey was a little shy of Cruz but she warmed up to her and thought she was pretty neat! It was interesting to see Audrey's reaction to me holding a newborn. She was definitely a little jealous (which I figured she would be). It was good practice when she dropped her sippy cup on her foot (ouch!) and I had to console a sad toddler while holding a newborn. She definitely put the drama on for that! She was pretty interested in Delainey- pointing out her little nose, feet and hands. Delainey just slept through the entire visit like a perfect newborn!

Saturday morning, after swimming, we went to Butterfield Acres for a 2 year old's birthday party. It was a little chilly out but we dressed warmly and had lots of fun.

Daddy & Audrey on the wagon ride

Birthday Girl!!

We went on a pumpkin hunt.
Found one!!

So heavy!

The kids had a blast looking for pumpkins and Audrey just wanted to carry them all!

"Decorating" the pumpkin
 They had lots of farm animals to see. Audrey was pretty excited about this part!


Yummy strawberry

Yay cake!

Friendly bunnies

That night, hubby's brother and sister-in-law gracious offered to watch Audrey for the evening. We jumped at the chance for a date night! We went for dinner, Menchies for frozen yogurt and to an improv comedy show. It was a fun night! Thanks so much C & L for hanging out with Audrey!

Sunday I finally made plans to get together with an old friend who had a baby... 7 months ago! It's so hard coordinating schedules. Another friend also joined so it was great to finally meet little I and catch up with my old friends! We are so grown up now- talking mommy hood, careers, home ownership! Gone are our care-free University days!

We went to an indoor play centre close by as I knew Audrey would not sit quietly for a couple hours at a coffee shop. I had never been to TommyK Play before, although I have been to similar places. It was a great place to have a toddler run around while I caught up with my friends. Audrey had a blast climbing on the play structures, going down the slides, interacting with other kids and just running around.

Best photo we could get of the 4 of us!
Getting to know one another
So it was a pretty packed weekend! I did manage to get a bit of work done on the hutch- my running headlamp came in handy when distressing late at night in a dim lit garage!

It's going to be a busy week too!