Thursday, October 3, 2013

~ 2013 Goals: Third Quarter Check-in ~

Here we are, only 3 months left in 2013!

2013 Goals
First Quarter Check-in
Second Quarter Check-in

Running/Fitness/Health Related
1) Run 750km in 2013. A lot of my running has been on the treadmill, therefore my method of tracking distance isn't so accurate. I will estimate that I've run ~500km so far which is on track to meet my goal but due to my pregnancy I will be greatly reducing my mileage in the next 3 months. I'm still pretty happy about how far I have run considering I have been pregnant for half the year.
2) Get a PR in the half marathon distance- sub 2:22. Achieved in February!! Race Report here 
3) Get a PR in the 5K distance- sub 30 for real (no short courses!). I didn't meet this goal and likely won't this year. I'm not too disappointed though- there is always next year.
4) Meal plan on a weekly basis- personally cook 2-3 meals a week. Still meeting this goal. I was cooking less in the first trimester since I was so exhausted and had a lot of food aversions. Now that it's fall we will be using the crockpot lots which helps. 
5) Eat better. Reduce sugar, and flour intake. Eat more natural foods. I ate fairly poorly during the first trimester due to morning sickness and food aversions. I'm doing a lot better now, although I could always reduce the sweets.
6) Complete a 30 Day Ab Challenge at least once. Didn't do this and won't be doing this in 2013. I will start a 30 Day Squat Challenge after my half marathon on October 5th. 
7) Cross train 3x a week-- strength training and yoga. Tone this body! I usually do between 2-3x strength training or yoga workouts a week and that will increase once I reduce my running next week. 
8) Drink more water- at least 8 glasses a day. Yes, I am finally meeting this goal!

1) Spend less money. Be picky about what I buy. Do I really need it? Can I live without it? Yes and no. In some areas I have reduced spending, and others it's increased.
2) Continue learning how to use my dSLR. Complete more tutorials. Buy Photoshop Light Room and learn to use it. Ugh, no. I need time! Maybe I should set an evening aside each week to work on my camera skills. 
3) Read 15 books. I'm making progress! I think I've read 5 books so far. I'm still off from my goal but I'm at least working on it.
4) Organize photos in iPhoto and make some photo books. Again, need time. The whole computer needs some TLC. 
5) Learn to utilize the items in my closet rather than buying new clothes constantly. I'm getting better at this but now that I'm pregnant I've needed to add a few more things to my wardrobe. Thankfully Alison has been generous and lent me a few things. 
6) Take or have taken family photos every season. Achieved! We had pictures taken with Whitney in February and in July! We have maternity photos booked tentatively for January, although it would be nice to have some done this fall. Probably not going to happen. 
7) Reduce time spent aimlessly on the internet. Doing this will help me achieve the above goals. I've gotten much better at this. Working out in the evening has taken priority so once that's done and all my other daily chores are done I can spend time on the internet. 

Additional Goals

1) Reduce time spent on the internet. If I want to achieve my goals (working out, eating better, reading, using the dSLR) then I need to spend less time browsing everything and anything online and just focus on those things.

How will I do this?

- Limit my social media time to 1 hour per day on the weekends (I can't go cold turkey!)- Yes
- Limit my social media time to 30 minutes per day on the week nights.- Yes

2) Clean & Organize the basement. I did a major de-clutter last summer/fall but suddenly so much crap has accumulated down there. A lot of it is baby stuff that Audrey has outgrown that we are saving for future babies. I don't even want to workout down there since it's so cramped and full of stuff. Must change this! Eventually we want to develop the basement so the less stuff we accumulate over time the better. We did a big declutter and re-organization a month or two ago. We will have to re-organize again once we move everything from the office to the basement to make room for the nursery. 

3) Re-finish the HutchI planned to do this before I went back to work in March but you know how life gets in the way. It's a pretty big project. I think the first step will be to move it out of the basement, into the garage, where we will do all the work. Once it's in our face I think we will be more motivated to complete it. We definitely want the garage to be free for parking in during the winter so now is the time to work on it. Finally in progress! More than halfway done.

Overall I'm satisfied with my goal progress. Ultimately there are a few things that I wish I could do but I just don't have the time. If I make time, something else important to me suffers. I'm not willing to compromise anything right now, unless someone can figure out how I can get paid to do these projects!

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